Gourmet Grocers & Health Food Stores in Trinidad & Tobago

Malabar Farms (Trinidad)

Groceries from Malabar Farms (Trinidad)

Here are 21 stores in Trinidad & Tobago with a wide range of local and imported high-quality food products — fresh fruits and vegetables, organic foods, specialty items (including quinoa), and products for those with specific dietary needs/restrictions (e.g., gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher and sugar-free):

Gourmet Grocers & Health Food Stores in WEST TRINIDAD

ARTIE’S MEATS (Maraval and Diego Martin, Trinidad) – Selling a wide range of burgers, meats and seafood along with fruits and vegetables.  Gourmet grocery items are also available.  Online shopping with in-store pick-up is available.  868) 637-7264 (Diego Martin) or (868) 225-2211 (Maraval).

ADAM’S BAGELS (Maraval, Trinidad) – As an all-in-one restaurant, bakery and gourmet store, ADAM’S amounts to more than its delicious bagels.  The grocery section is small but well-edited with housemade frozen dishes (stuffed crab backs, pastelles, fish kebabs, etc.), imported specialty beverages, pastas and snacks.  The bakery is packed with Trinidad’s best bagels alongside local sweet and savoury treats – pone, kibby, currant rolls, arepas, puffs, cookies, and more. Keep an eye out for local free-range eggs, locally made condiments and Adam’s Pepper Sauce.  Full-service restaurant with take-out counter and dine-in area. 15A Saddle Road.  (868) 622-2435

BE FREE FOODS (St. James, Trinidad) – Large organic food store with a wide range of dry goods, frozen goods, and specialty items for those with food allergies, including gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and nut-free food products.  For example, the store carries egg replacer, chia and hemp seeds, various quinoas, gluten-free breads, Bob’s Red Mill products, Earth’s Best baby foods, EnviroKids snacks, organic vitamins, Grade A & B Maple Syrups, and Santa Cruz and Steaz sodas.  Be Free Foods also carries Gina’s Chocolate Truffles and lettuce and occasionally other greens like patchoi from Greenwater Farms Mucurapo Road.  (868) 735-0727 or (868) 620-3246

BLOOM’S IMPORTS (Diego Martin, Trinidad) – Bloom’s stocks various meat products including organic hormone-free chickens, hangar steaks, skirt steaks, lamb products (local and from New Zealand) and baby back ribs; local and imported fish and seafood are also available. The store also carries a large selection of local artisan foods – Ambrosia by Christine, Bertie’s Pepper Sauce, Simple Sauces & Pastas, and much more.  Imports are also on the shelves like Sriracha Hot Sauce, KIND bars, gourmet sodas, etc.  The best part is that you can check their website to see what meat and fish products are available.  Diego Martin Main Road (868) 633-5771.

BROOKFOODS (Diego Martin, Trinidad) – Stocked with a wide range of gourmet goodies including favorite restaurant items like bagels & breads from Adam’s; Empanadas & guasacaca from Taryn’s, The Panyol Place, as well as local & imported pesticide-free produce, quality meat/poultry/seafood/cheeses as well as foods from local micro-enterprises. Stonewall Kitchen products include breakfast goodies like mixes for waffles and scones, maple syrups, jellies and jams; Cocktail mixes; Cupcake and cake mixes; Crackers; Salsas, spreads, sauces, dressings, marinades and dry rubs; Sea salts, olive oil, and more.  Upstairs Lotus Wares has tons of stylish dinnerware, cutlery, bar ware, cookware, dining accessories and functional items that make entertaining a breeze. #18 Diego Martin Main Road opposite the new gas station before Starlite.  (868) 222-5580

CLOSED — CASCADE MINI MART (Cascade, Trinidad) – Part mini-mart and part gourmet, this shop carries gourmet goodies like Stonewall Kitchen products, NUMI Organic Teas, Hausbrandt Coffee, Steaz sodas, local Guru Snacks, and organic pastas and sauces.  #84 Cascade Main Road. (868) 223-5603

FRESH (Maraval, Trinidad) – The newest and possibly most well stocked organic grocery in Trinidad and Tobago, FRESH has wide range of organic and pesticide-free produce (local & imported), packaged foods including gluten-free items, bulk grains, dairy & meats, organic wines, organic herbs & spices herbal teas, baby products, body and skin care items, and household and cleaning products.  #49 Saddle Road.  (868) 622-7828

LIVE GREEN (Woodbrook, Trinidad) – Tucked away on a side street in Woodbrook, Live Green features a wide range of organic and all natural products – organic foods and snacks (e.g., coconut sugar, Frontier’s organic herbs & spices herbal teas, body and skin care items, herbal and homeopathic remedies, organic baby products, environmentally-friendly water bottles, environmentally-safe household products (e.g., Seventh Generation products) and more. #5 Belle Smythe Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad; (868) 221-5139 or (868) 685-9291

MALABAR FARMS GOURMET SHOP (Maraval, Trinidad) – This long-standing gourmet grocer on Long Circular Road sells imported brands of fresh, frozen and packaged food items, wines, and in-house breads. With roots as an upmarket butcher, Malabar Farms’ strengths are its cheese and meat sections with imported poultry, beef, lamb,etc. Organic meat and poultry (hormone-free) are also available here at Malabar.  You can also pick up local goodies, including Cocobel Chocolates. #115 Long Circular Road.  (868) 628-7486 or (868) 622-9309

NATURE’S DISCOUNT NUTRITION CENTER (Maraval, Trinidad) – With an emphasis on vitamins and sports nutrition products, Nature’s Discount in Ellerslie Plaza also offers a small selection of organic foods, juices, herbal teas, and other all-natural health products.  On our last visit we saw Nature’s Path organic cereals (both hot and cold), Bob’s Red Mill grains and foods, almond flour, gluten-free and organic pastas, organic coconut oil, organic raw cacao powder, organic coconut sugar, organic Jamaican castor oil, and STEAZ sodas.  Shop #12, Ellerslie Plaza.  (868) 622-2084

NEW EARTH ORGANIC ENTERPRISES (Woodbrook, Trinidad) – This combo health food and gourmet grocery store is one of our favorites because it sells local free range eggs and organic produce grown right here in Trinidad like cabbage, callaloo, cucumbers and figs! (Imported organic produce is also available).  Don’t miss NEO’s local artisan products – Soular sundried bananas, cacao nibs, brewing cacao, dark chocolate; Del Mano pestos and more.  The store also offers local kefir; organic bulk grains, beans, nuts and seeds, and dried fruits; specialty foods and beverages; all-natural personal care products; vitamins and supplements; and household cleaning supplies. There is an excellent small vegetarian cafe – NEO Cafe – onsite.   #80 Roberts Street.  (868) 622-3643

PEPPERCORNS (Ellerslie Plaza-Maraval and West Mall-Westmoorings, Trinidad) – At two locations in the West, Peppercorns primarily stocks imported foods; beverages; cheeses, meats, poultry and seafood; and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Bread, pastries and cakes are made in-house and food gift baskets are also available.  Ellerslie Plaza – (868) 628-5573; West Mall – (868) 633-8120.

CLOSED –PETIT GOURMET (St. Clair, Trinidad) – This gourmet store features imported pre-packaged foods, local/imported fruits, vegetables and herbs, housemade pastries, breads and desserts, sandwiches, a robust salad bar, and freshly brewed coffee.  Looking for great coffee to take home?  Petit Gourmet stocks a wide range of imported coffees, everything from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks’ coffee to the granddaddy of coffee – Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.  Petit Gourmet also carries local foods like Gina’s Chocolate Truffles.  Small dine-in area.  #33 St. Clair Avenue. (868) 628-8304

WHOLE FOODS MARKET (Maraval, Trinidad) – This health food store stocks organic and healthy foods alongside vitamins and supplements.  #7 Saddle Road, Royal Palm Plaza. (868) 628-6221

Gourmet Grocers & Health Food Stores in CENTRAL & EAST TRINIDAD

EPICUREAN MARKETPLACE (Chaguanas, Trinidad) – Sells imported meats (ribeye and tenderloin steaks, beef short ribs and rack of lamb), seafood (mussels, scallops, snow crab legs, crawfish and jumbo shrimp), fresh produce (blueberries, kiwi, nectarines, grapes, potatoes, spinach, etc.), Adagio teas and Organo Gold coffee, specialty gourmet items (Del Mano Pesto, Habanero Pepper Sauces, Oui Cuisine Herring and Buljol, crab backs and artisan breads).  Caroni Savannah Road (located in the third building on the left, after a right turn at the junction of Endeavour and Caroni Savannah Roads). (868) 791-7677

GOURMET LIFE (Chaguanas, Trinidad) – Offers “specialty food products, meats, seafood and snacks, premium coffees and tea, and gluten free and organic products.”  Local food treats are also available like French Macarons.   Rodney Branch Road. (868) 225-6122.

YUMMY MUMMY GOURMET (Chaguanas, Trinidad) – This market stocks a wide range of gluten-free, organic, dairy-free and all natural products.  Yummy Mummy also bakes their own gluten-free bread and muffins in-house!  Mulchan Seuchan Road. (868) 671-7236.

VANILLA BEAN GOURMET STORE (Cunupia, Trinidad) – Carries an extensive range of gourmet grocery items including halal gourmet deli meats, olive oils, cooking wines, jams, jellies, sauces, peppers, sushi making ingredients, coffees, k-cups for Keurig coffee machines , teas, etc.  The Vanilla Bean also sells a wide variety of baking products for enthusiastic home bakers; gluten and wheat-free cereals, snacks, flour, and sweeteners like Organic Agave Nectar, as well as organic fresh produce, herbs and fresh foreign fruits.  Breads from Cusano’s Artisan Loaves and daily desserts like Creme Caramel and Cheesecakes are also available. #145 Munroe Road.  (868) 223-9527 

THE HAPPY GOURMET (Valsayn, Trinidad)  is a welcome resource in the East for specialty foods and beverages, including gourmet items, organic, gluten-free and low-sugar foods.  The store also stocks extra virgin olive oils; Sea salts and spices; Real maple syrup and other syrups and jams; Chia seeds; a huge selection of Bob’s Red Mill products; Coffees and teas; Local goodies from Perfect Peppers, Gina’s Chocolates and Del Mano (pestos and sausages). Meats and seafood are also available (including halaal beef and organic meats), along with a wide range of wines and imported beers. Valpark Shopping Plaza. (868) 223-7023

Gourmet Grocers & Health Food Stores in SOUTH TRINIDAD

THE GOURMET GENIE (San Fernando, Trinidad) – Sando’s favourite gourmet food shop offers “exotic cooking ingredients for a range of international meals as well as coffees (Folgers, Starbucks, etc.) and the Keurig K-cup coffee, teas (Amanzi, Art of Tea, Tazo and Stash), desserts, breads, imported fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and smoothies.”  Products include Morning Star Farm items; Stevia (sachets & tablets); pure vanilla, orange and anise extracts; Kettle’s almond and cashew butters; egg-free mayonnaise; black and white truffle oils; bruschetta toppings; smoked sea salt and Himalayan pink salt; cake decorating products; gluten-free lentil crackers; packaged sugar-free snacks; and a very interesting wine ice cream. Lunch is available daily.  Small dine-in area.  SSL Building (Ground Floor), # 40 Sutton Street. (868) 221-2983

MARKET MOVERS (Trinidad) – This local online retailer specializes in home, office and wholesale delivery for fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats and seafood, dried goods (organic quinoa and millet), and food gift boxes/baskets.  We really like that Market Movers sources free range eggs and milk (only available on Fridays and Saturdays) from local farmers as well as local greenhouse grown produce, which typically has lower pesticide levels.  Free Delivery (limited)! (868) 221-5042

Gourmet Grocers & Health Food Stores in TOBAGO

MR D’S HEALTH FOOD STORE (Scarborough, Tobago) – Only open during the week, this small store on the upper level of the NIB Mall sells cereals, snacks, specialty foods, soy and almond milk, juices, vitamins/herbs and other health food products.  Mr. D’s also serves daily vegetarian lunches, which are very reasonably priced and tasty.  Upper Level, NIB Mall.  (868) 639-3809

MORESHEAD GOURMET SUPERMARKET (Mt. Pleasant, Tobago) – Moreshead is a favourite of Tobago’s expat community because it carries many products imported from the U.K., along with American brands and local food finds like Orange Hill Nature Ranch’s feta cheese and yogurtNola’s Tobago Gourmet Granola, and Tobago Cocoa Estate chocolate.  This supermarket is the only place in Tobago selling international coffee brands like Lavazza and World Harvest Coffee (other than Ciao Cafe in Scarborough which sells Hausbrandt coffee by the can).  Moreshead also carries various dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free items, including products from Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. (868) 639 8855

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  1. Home grown broiler chickens for sale. Weight 8-10 pounds. Chickens are given lime water, water grass and regular feed. No injections!! Contact me at 7775971.


  2. Hi I’m looking for hemp seeds and psyillum husk hoping somewhere in the east a contact number would be appreciated


  3. Does anyone know where sell – Matcha Green Tea Powder – Aloe Vera Leaf Powder- ROSE HIP POWDER–in TRINIDAD
    Contact number will be appreciated


  4. Hi I am looking for a source to deliver apricot juice and aloe vera juice to a very sick relative in Friendship village ( south). I live aborad and wish to purchase from abroad and have it delivered


  5. Hi, This list is quite good I am actually looking for nutritional yeast, do you by chance know which store carries this product?


  6. Hi. Informative article. Thank you so much. Do you know where I can purchase organic wheatgrass and barley in Trinidad?


  7. Hi, I’m looking for wild Alaskan salmon (not farm raised salmon, or pink or Atlantic salmon) and white grape juice. Anyone knows where I can get these?


  8. Hi! I think the address you have for “Live Green” is outdated. I forget which street in Woodbrook they’re on now, but I think it’s different than what’s shown.


    • Thanks, we’ll update the listing. For the barley, try Peppercorns in Ellerslie Plaza (it was in a plain plastic bag labelled barley (no fancy packaging)). Also, Vabat Fine Foods (628-2228) at #43 Angelina Street in St. James might also have it.


  9. No! Petit Gourmet closed? I don’t work in the area anymore but they had the best sandwiches (steak and cheese!) and coffee. Nice family too…


  10. Please recommend a source to arrange for a Pigeon Point, Tobago hotel welcome-gift basket of locally sourced fruits (incl ones unfamiliar to U.S. visitors), fruit juices, local pastries, local premium organic chocolate and maybe local rum? Extra logistics complication: this would be pre-delivered for hotel guests arriving christmas day.


  11. Hi, do you know where I can purchase organic eggs (not free range eggs)? I’ve purchased egglands best eggs from The Gourmet Genie but they dont seem to carry it anymore.


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  14. I am searching for organic produce in Trinidad. Our local farmers need to be re-introduced to organic farming. So happy for this info. Can’t wait to go hunting. Thank you!


  15. Girl, this post was REAL enlightening, and I came here just to source this cause you’re awesome like that. Why? Because my coffee cupboard, for the first time everrrrrrrrrr, is EMPTY. And sorry, Hong Wing is NOT where it’s at!! I never pass on Sutton Street so never knew there was a Gourmet Genie, so will be heading there in the morning!! I simply cannot function if I cannot restock my coffee cupboard before a new work week. The horror!


  16. Epicurean Marketplace is the BOMB!! It is a breath of fresh air to finally have a gourmet grocer with such a variety and the customer service is excellent. They are even willing to find items that they don’t have in stock. Love them!!!


  17. Gourmet Genie…my favourite! Nalini and staff are always affable and greet you with a warm welcome. Not to mention the place smells like cookies baking:) Why go to POS when we have everything in south!


  18. Thank you for the information which is quite useful but what of Organic food stores located further east on the east-west corridor? We are a recently opened organic convenience store located on the eastern main road in St. Augustine [PREMIUM LIFESTYLE ORGANICS]. We offer a variety of premium organic (gluten & wheat free) snacks, teas, dry goods and soon to introduce supplements and hair products. We also offer the option to sit in and enjoy a cup of tea as well as have a slice of cake made from organic, gluten free flour. At Premium Lifestyle Organics ‘We’re Nurturing an Organic Lifestyle’!


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