Online Food & Kitchen Markets in Trinidad & Tobago

Blooms Imports Trinidad

Courtesy, Bloom Imports

Here are seven online retailers in Trinidad and Tobago that offer online food ordering/delivery and the chance to escape Trinidad’s terrible traffic to get your weekly groceries.

Food items at these stores range from fruits to meats and everything in between, and many customers in T&T are using these online stores for regular deliveries or to find special gourmet gifts.

1.  MARKETMOVERS.COM – A darling in the TriniChow phone book, MarketMovers sells its own greenhouse-grown produce (ask about the pesticide-free lettuce) and harder-to-find items like organic quinoa or millet.  If you’re looking for local seasonal fruits like soursop, ask when placing your order even if it’s not listed on the website.  Bonus: MarketMovers carries the two-liter bottles of Bare Fruit Juices.  Delivery available in Trinidad.  Market Movers’ Website and Facebook Page.

2.  BLOOMSIMPORTS.COM – As an online and in-store retailer, Blooms is able to offer a wide range of high-end imported meats, poultry and seafood at great prices including local rabbit, Bell & Evan’s USDA organic chickens and New Zealand lamb products. (Halaal products are also available.)  Delivery is free in the Port of Spain area with a $200 minimum order or orders can be picked up at Bloom’s facility.  Bloom’s Imports Website and Facebook Page.

3.  TRINITROLLEY.COM – TriniTrolley is the largest online retailer in Trinidad & Tobago.  With everything from KISS cakes to Hunt’s Tomato Paste, TriniTrolley sells many local and international food brands typically found at T&T supermarkets.  (Also carries other retailers products like Market  Delivery available in Trinidad and Tobago within 24 hours of placing your order. TriniTrolley’s Website and Facebook Page.

4.  ARTIESMEATS.COM – This Diego Martin grocery store offers customers online ordering and delivery of meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables.  Delivery available in Trinidad.  Artie’s Meats’ Website and Facebook Page.

Local Artisan Foods & Gourmet Gifts

5.  AHPIECE.COM – AhPiece’s food section offers gourmet goodies made by local artisans like Cocobel Chocolate; Lilli Belle’s jams and jellies and sauces; and SMAKS Bespoke Teas.  You can also purchase handcrafted kitchen products including Phillip Arthur Woodwork’s salad bowl and these delightful ceramic crab backs!  Delivery available in Trinidad and Tobago.  Ah Piece’s Website and Facebook Page.

6.  MODERNEQUATOR.COM – We were introduced to Modern Equator and its tropical-inspired jams, fruit concentrates (we love the barbadine), chutneys and more at the monthly UpMarket in Trinidad.  Modern Equator also carries locally made Gina’s Chocolate Truffles, drinking chocolate from Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride, and SMAKS Bespoke Teas.  Delivery available in Trinidad and Tobago.  Modern Equator’s Website and Facebook Page.

7.  MINGIWANTS.COM – Don’t you just love this name?  Mingi (yes, there’s a Mingi) has carefully curated a collection of goodies that include foodie must-haves like the Ah’len – Syrian Lebanese Cookbook and a set of demitasse stoneware cups made by a local artist.  Delivery available in Trinidad and Tobago.  Mingi Wants’ Website and Facebook Page.

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