FAQs: Trinidad & Tobago Food, Restaurants & More

Answers to the questions we’re asked most often:

Where can I find more information on Halal/Halaal restaurants and food in Trinidad & Tobago?  Check the Halaal restaurants page and Halaal Committee page on the Darul Uloom website for a list of restaurants and foods in Trinidad & Tobago that are certified as halaal by DUHC.

Where can I find fresh LOCAL milk, cheese and other dairy products in Trinidad & Tobago?  In Trinidad there’s Dolce Valle Dairy (traditional Italian cheeses and pure cream yogurt), La Blanchiseusse (fresh goat cheese, cream cheese, and a cream cheese dip), Pax Yogurt (yogurt, yogurt drinks, yogurt spread) and Yumma (cultured buttermilk, cottage cheese, sour cream).  UWI also produces University Field Station Fresh Cow’s Milk from its farm and it’s available in supermarkets in Trinidad. YUMMA sells local cultured buttermilk (can be found at HiLo Massy Stores and TruValu.  Caprine Dreams produces goats milk products (cheese, yogurt, milk) and can be founds at Artie’s, Malabar Farms, San Antonio Green Market  and Blooms Imports.   In Tobago, try Orange Hill Nature Ranch, which sells its yogurts at local supermarkets.

Do you have menus for Buzo Osteria Italiana, Hakka Restaurant and La Cantina Pizzeria in Trinidad?  Links to Buzo menuHakka menu and La Cantina menu.

What service in Trinidad can I use to order food online and have it delivered to me?  Eat868.com

Are there any vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago?  See our full list here – Vegetarian restaurants and eats in Trinidad (list includes The Youthful Vegan Cafe & Store in St. James, New Earth Organic Cafe in Woodbrook,  Veg Out in St. Augustine, Namaste India Restaurant in Freeport and more.

Where can we find organi. produce (local and imported)?  New Earth Organics in Woodbrook; San Antonio Green Market (Saturdays 6am-2pm and Sundays 8am-2pm); UpMarket (generally the first Saturday of the month); the ARC (Alliance of Rural Communities) local produce basket program; and several gourmet grocers on this list carry organic produce.

Where can I find gluten-free foods in Trinidad & Tobago? Both major supermarket chains (HiLo and Tru Valu) in Trinidad carry gluten-free items as well as Tobago’s two major supermarkets ((Moreshead and Pennysavers).  In addition, all gourmet grocers/health food stores on this list offer a wide range of gluten-free foods.

Where can I find quinoa and other non-wheat grains in Trinidad & Tobago? Follow this link to gourmet grocers/health food stores list.

Where can I find information on restaurant deals and coupons in T&T? Follow these links to list of Restaurant Coupons & Deals“Cheap” Eats in Trinidad & Tobago; and Lunch Specials in Trinidad & Tobago.

What/who is TriniChow?  See About TriniChow here.

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6 thoughts on “FAQs: Trinidad & Tobago Food, Restaurants & More

  1. Had lunch at Golden Bell Korean last Thursday…while there our car was towed away! and, even though it was our first time there, the owner, Soon, asked her husband, MinSoo, (sp?) to drive us to retrieve it, even though it was noon…prime lunch time…now, that is service above and beyond…thanks to you both for being so generous and caring…yes, and the food was beyond yummy, tasty chicken and beef ribs…we will definitely be back!


  2. Had the latest absolute best meal at Buzo Friday night…tortelli di zucca…polenta with mushrooms…all four of our meals were really to die for!! Thanks, Cristian for being here…we are lucky to have you


  3. also, Tamnak Thai doesn’t no longer seems to have the Thai chefs; the food is no longer as authentic as it used to be years ago and, as essential as limes are to Thai cooking, the last time we were there they did not have any, not even rough lemons! they also, no longer have authentic Thai sauces, no Thai chilies used


  4. Hi, I just wanted you to know that the Tamnak Thai lunch special at $95 is no longer on, its now $135 so you should consider revising the information that you have up under prix fixe lunch


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