About TriniChow!

TriniChow celebrates the diverse good eats of Trinidad and Tobago.  The food here is a wonderful ‘mix-up’ of distinct and merged cuisines drawn from the twin island’s African, Indian, Chinese, European and Syrian cultures.

In the interest of being a positive foodie force, we generally only write about the restaurants we enjoy, have patronized or plan to visit.  We also cover Trinidad & Tobago’s restaurant openings and closings, food & drink festivals, as well as special holidays that involve food because no holiday is complete without non-stop eating.

TriniChow makes a special effort to showcase our local burgeoning artisan food market.  These small businesses in Trinidad and Tobago are using high quality (and often local) ingredients to craft food items like:

Be sure to check out our growing list of Trinidad & Tobago’s food artisans, and we hope you enjoy TriniChow!

Questions or things you would like to see on the site?  Email us at info@trinichow.com or POST a message on our Facebook page.

We would love to hear your feedback, let us know what you think about TriniChow in the comments below or click the like button under this post!

14 thoughts on “About TriniChow!

  1. Love your site, appreciate all your work. You should check out Sonata Korean Restaurant. We had a fantastic dinner there a few weeks ago and plan to go back soon!


  2. Congratulations. This is a super website. I was thinking it and you guys did it. The rum shop idea is ah good idea.There are many hide outs that have tasty surprises waiting on tasters. Kep’s Roast pork is an Icon in Princes Town and that is just one example. I know my way about the country and any info or locations I come across I will share it. No charge. I love this place they call Trinidad and Tobago. Keep up the good work. This site is a good launch pad to help boost the tourism industry. Hope to see more places for ‘chow’. Respect!


  3. I would like to do a “Southland Rumshop by Rumshop” series-by Southland I mean the areas mainly south and east of Chaguanas.I want to focus on the soul of Trinidad found in the rumshop-the only true democracy in Trinidad.The only rules are “dont beat the tables”!


  4. I saw a picture in your Facebook album for Lilli Belle gourmet style pepper sauce. Tobago is the only island with full distribution of this fantastic line of gourmet condiments. There is every thing from pepper sauce , kuchela, pepper jelly to bread and butter pickles. All the products use local fruits and vegetables. Lilli Belle also produces crab backs, lasagnas and gerra pork. I would be great for you to high light this great line of products on your website and Facebook page.


  5. Totally impressed with the site, very up to date and informative, thanks for the comments. Would like to note a couple of changes for Shore Things Cafe, Lambeau.
    Hours till Dec 2011 – Mon-Fri 11am – 6pm, closed Sat and Sun.
    Friday lunch specials may include a Sat soup occasionally during this period!


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