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CLOSED – LAYALI CAFE, The House of Turkish Coffee (Diego Martin, Trinidad)

Incongruously tucked away in Diego Martin’s Starlite Shopping Plaza, LAYALI CAFE is such a lovely find with its Arabic teas, desserts, salads and sandwiches and of course Turkish coffee.

We stumbled on this gem thanks to a fellow food lover’s Instagram post and can’t wait to sip and nibble our way through the menu. The tea and desserts sampled on our first visit were dangerously good, especially the Layali Libnan, Toffee Cake and the creamy chai-like Karak Tea. Stay tuned to us on Instagram, where we’ll post photos after every visit!

Cuisine: Arabic

Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am-6:30pm

Menu Links: Quick Bites Menu & Beverage Menu

Address: Starlite Shopping Plaza (cafe is in the rear of the plaza), Diego Martin, Trinidad

Phone: (868) 308-1879

Facebook Page: Layali Cafe’s Facebook Page

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