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U PICK FARM (Chaguaramas, Trinidad)

When’s the last time you picked tomatoes or the melongene (eggplant) for your choka?

Enter the U PICK FARM in Chaguaramas where you can pick  your own vegetables in several greenhouses and an outdoor farm area.

Obviously, farm-to-table is not a new concept in Trinidad and Tobago, but as we all increasingly rely on markets for the majority of our food, U PICK FARM is a fun way to return to our farm-to-table roots.  Whether you go with a group of family and friends, or bring along kids, it’s a great outing!

Available for Picking (depending on availability): Eggplant (melongene), ochroe (okra), cauliflower, bodi, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, chive, shadon beni, lettuce and patchoi.  U PICK FARM also sells a wide range of  fruits and vegetables (grown off-site) both local and imported.

Address: Tucker Valley Road, Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Phone Number: (868) 271-2681
Hours: 7am-2pm, Tuesday to Saturday and 9am-2pm on Sundays
Facebook: U PICK FARM’s Facebook page 
Instagram: U PICK FARM on Instagram
Special Features: Guided tours by tractor; Field trips for both primary and secondary schools

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4 thoughts on “U PICK FARM (Chaguaramas, Trinidad)

  1. I love this place! Produce is much healthier than other markets that over spray their goods! U pick is amazing place to shop for your market items and have fun in the gardens picking your own produce:)
    You can’t get better than this!
    Keep up the great work! 👍


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