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Drink Your Fruits & Vegetables: Where to Find Healthy Juices in Trinidad!

Juice the way nature intended, no sugar, no preservatives, no additives, the healthy juicing trend has arrived in T&T! Here are a few of our favorites in Trinidad:

AYUSHI ORGANIC JUICES & SMOOTHIES (Woodbrook, Trinidad; 622-3643)These tasty juices are chock full of organic fruits and vegetables, plus they’re served in adorable mason jars (which can be returned to Ayushi). Options include a Beet juice, Green juice, and our favorite juice blend, which includes organic Fuji apples, carrots, pineapple, oranges, lemon and turmeric). Ayushi on Facebook & Instagram. Where to Find It New Earth Organic 622-3643 (Woodbrook); orders can also be placed from Rodney’s Revolution/Crossfit (Woodbrook).

DRINK RAW JUICE BAR (Arima, Trinidad; 708-1856) – Offers a range of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and infused waters. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, salads, a vegetable based soup daily and other goodies are also on offer. We love that they’re making all the nut milks for the smoothies and nut spreads in house. Link to full menu. Drink Raw Juice Bar on Facebook & Instagram. Where to Find It – Drink Raw Juice Bar is located in Xtra Foods Compound at the Corner O’Meara Road & O’Connor Drive (Malabar, Arima).

FRESH FIG JUICE CO (San Fernando, Trinidad 359-8626) – This juice and beauty bar serves cold pressed juices, smoothies, cleansing shots, nut milks, raw treats such as the raw clean treats made with walnuts, dates, raw cocoa powder and fresh, vanilla bean. Fresh Fig also carries fresh pesto sauces made to order with local basil (orders can be placed for delivery in the San Fernando area). Where to Find It – Fresh Fig Juice Co is at #94 Naparima Mayaro Road.

JUICE BAR TTFind these smoothies and cold-pressed juices including the Detoxifier (pineapple, cucumber, mint), Radiant Skin (beets, apple, ginger, carrot) and Rocket Fuel (watermelon, mint, coconut water, lime). Save your empties, because six translate into one free juice. Where to Find It Starlite Pharmacy (Maraval and Diego Martin); Linda’s Bakery outlets; Adam’s Bagels (Maraval).

THE SWEET BEET – As the healthiest thing to happen to West Mall, Sweet Beet offers healthy light bites and cold pressed fruits, vegetables and nothing else, creating beverages like the Heart Beet (beet, apple, carrot, lime), Liquid Sunset (watermelon, carrot, ginger, lime), Tree Hugger (celery, swiss chard, apple, cucumber, lime) and Radiant Vibes (orange, pineapple, carrot). Where to Find It The Sweet Beet (West Mall, West Moorings); GSpot (Newtown POS); Starlite Pharmacy (Maraval and Diego Martin).

HUMZINGER juicebar & kickass kitchen – Stop in for breakfast or lunch or just come for the seasonal fresh juices and fruit-based smoothies made from watermelon, paw-paw, mango, pineapple, strawberries, etc. You can amp up your smoothie with a shot of chia and get a healthy dose of omega-3, fiber, antioxidants and protein. Where to Find ItHumzinger (Newtown, Port of Spain).

TANDOORI HUT – This is our go-to at Trincity Mall and Grand Bazaar Mall. While juices are not cold-pressed here, most are blended to order from fruits and vegetables (the cucumber and watermelon juices are fantastic). Remember juices here are available without sugar or other sweeteners, just ask when placing your order. Where to Find It Food Court (South) at Trincity Mall (Trincity); Grand Bazaar (Valsayn).

MOTHER NATURE – This Port of Spain based vegetarian-vegan restaurant has been juicing long before it became cool, boasting tons of options at very reasonable prices. Where to Find ItMother Nature, 623-3300 (Corner of Park and St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain).

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