Quick Guide to Self-Catering in Tobago: Best Bread, Fresh Fish, Produce, Wine, Coffee…

Prosecco Pigeon Beach Tobago

Prosecco from Time to Wine (Tobago)

Tell someone you’re going to Tobago and the conversation invariably turns to all things beach — Pigeon Point, Castara, Englishman’s Bay, etc. But for us Tobago is food and wine punctuated by beach.

Our restaurant favorites list includes breakfast at The House of Pancakes, leisurely post-beach lunches at Kariwak Village, King’s Bay Cafe and Shore Things, Friday lunch at Bar Code, afternoon tea at Magdalena’s Benne Cafe, Salsa Kitchen for tapas, and alfresco-style dinners at La Tartaruga Italian Restaurant and The Fish Pot.

Today, we’re squarely focused on Tobago’s self-catering food options. This is your guide to where to find great bread, pastries, fresh produce, meat and fish, coffee (other than Hong Wing), gelato, and of course a decent bottle of wine for your beach lime.

BREAD – Local-style breads and pastries are easy to find from Rosie’s, a popular bakery on the main road in Bon Accord or Tori’s Bakery in Lowlands. The standouts for us is Castara’s Heritage Mud Oven Bakery (868) 639-5634; Castara Beach), which turns out breads and pastries like your granny used to make on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

FRUITS & VEGETABLES – The place with the largest produce selection (other than the Public Market in Scarborough) is Public Demand (868) 631-0625; Kilgwyn Bay Road, Bon Accord) located one block from the main road. Fruits and vegetables are widely available at other stores like Canaan Food Basket, roadside stands, supermarkets and the Scarborough Market, but this is our favorite place for produce. Note that Public Demand is closed on Saturdays because the owners are Seventh-Day Adventist.

FRESH FISH – A Tobago trip must include fresh fish and with roadside stands in Lambeau, Buccoo and Mt. Irvine, you can easily find it. Our pick for fish is actually not a roadside stand, but the Mt. Irvine Fish Market because it’s a purpose-built facility with proper sinks and the fish is kept on ice.

WINE – You can find wine at Penny Savers and Moreshead Gourmet Supermarket, but our pick is Time To Wine: Wine Store & Wine Bar (868) 639-7212; Shirvan Road Plaza), a relatively large wine shop with cozy seating (and a pretty sunset view), rendering it the ideal spot to enjoy a few glasses of wine.  Time to Wine is also open on Sundays, which is a huge plus. La Tartaruga Italian Restaurant (868) 639-0940; Buccoo) also has a wine cellar with a wide selection of Italian wines for retail purchase (by appointment only).

COFFEE + GELATO – Head to Mirko D’Alessio’s Bollecine Vino & Cibo (Crown Point) or Ciao Cafe (Scarborough) for Hausbrandt coffee (ground or beans) and D’Alessio’s housemade gelato (we’re partial to the rum raisin, chocolate and coconut). D’Alessio’s restaurants can proudly boast that it’s the only housemade gelato in Trinidad and Tobago. Also, Ciao Cafe sells prosciutto and other imported Italian meats (perfect for sandwiches at the beach), but you’ll need to ask as they’re not listed on the menu.

CINNAMON ROLLS – Yes, cinnamon rolls are essential to us so Tobago trips usually include a pre-order of a dozen cinnamon rolls from Nice N’ Sweet catering company (868) 688-3989, 660-7114 or 790-8030). These delicious cinnamon rolls add the sweet to breakfast and work well for an impromptu afternoon tea.  Nice n’ Sweet also offers a wide range of prepared foods, if you don’t feel like cooking.

MEATS – Looking for steaks, lamb chops, hamburgers shrimp, etc? Check Golden Grove Meat Shoppe (868) 639-8884; Golden Grove Road), which carries higher quality meats including New Zealand lamb products and Angus steaks and stocks local seafood and organic meats (beef from grass-fed cows happily grazing on the shop’s farm).


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