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Have a favorite restaurant that you faithfully dine at weekly?

You know a spot that works for lunch or dinner, dining-in or take-out. For us, that place is SALT N’ PEPPER in the Shoppes of Maraval.

Located toward the back of the shopping mall, SALT N’ PEPPER is a little short on ambiance, but the food, oh the food. We’re talking classical Indian food, not a roti in sight. This is the place to go for dishes like Tandoori Chicken, Butter Naan, Chili Gobi, Lamb Rogan Josh and Vegetable Tikka Masala.

The menu is extensive with tandoori specials; biryanis; tikka masala, vindaloo and kurma dishes; naans and parathas; and nearly 20 vegetarian options.

Two things worth mentioning — everything is cooked from scratch so be prepared for a wait or call ahead if you want takeout.  Also, some of the items listed on the extensive menu are not yet available, like the dosas.

Oh, and the prices are reasonable relative to other authentic Indian restaurants in Trinidad.

LINK to all our SALT N’ PEPPER pictures.

Cuisine Indian!

MENU LINKS – Menu 1 of 5; Menu 2 of 5; Menu 3 of 5; Menu 4 of 5Menu 5 of 5

Hours – Tuesday-Saturday: 11:30am – 9pm and Sunday: 11:30am – 6pm

Address/Phone – Shoppes of Maraval, Maraval, (868) 622-3938 or 339-4949;

Website/Facebook Page – Salt n’ Pepper WebsiteSalt n’ Pepper on Facebook

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10 thoughts on “SALT N’ PEPPER INDIAN RESTAURANT (Maraval, Trinidad)

  1. Very disappointing, not what I expected and customer service is poor, cashier is not helpful. Instead of potato as listed on menu, I received french fries/wedges and was told that is SNP potato, I was expecting soft potato in gravy, very misleading and the channa was hard and difficult to swallow, nan was oily. Never buying from here again, awful experience!!


  2. I’m a fan of Salt n Pepper and think their food is amazing. I’ve been several times and wanted to keep going till O tried everything on the menu. However the service I got tonight was absolutely unpleasant. The server was so rude and was slamming all of our things down on the table. She hasn’t even acknowledged or returned my friendly greeting up to now. Anyway, I won’t be going back because I am not contributing to her salary. Nope.


  3. I am not sure how the food tastes and I can assure you I will never taste it. I went there on Saturday to pick up an order that was placed at 4:19 pm and was supposed to be prepared by 5:45pm. When I arrived I was greeted by a slender lady behind the cash register who did not even acknowledge my presence. After a few minutes of keying in information she finally lifted her gaze toward me and asked “yea…” I told her who I was and that I came to pick up an order. She proceeded to the back and when she reappeared she said “it almost ready”. (Now my simple mind makes me think that this means they are packing it up). I paid and sat down.

    After 10 minutes I approached the register again and was given the same response.

    Another 10 minutes passed and the same response was given again.

    My phone rang and it was the person who made the order stating that they just called and it will be another 20 minutes. I went to the counter and enquired as to the meaning of “it almost ready”. I got no response. I proceeded to call an alternative who indicated that “your order will be ready in 25 minutes”. I then indicated that I was canceling the order. Only then did anyone in authority come out and talk to me. The gentleman indicated that it will only be 20 minutes at most, but by this time the damage was done. I got refunded the money and never looked back. whats the point of ordering an hour and a half before picking up and having to wait another 45 minutes?

    All that being said, I heard the food is great; however “Salt n’ Pepper” will never see a single cent of my money due to your dishonesty, unprofessionalism and general disregard for anyone’s time.


    • We think it’s as good as Apsara (chef at Salt n’ Pepper used to work at Apsara) and the prices are much lower as Salt n’ Pepper is set up to be a carry-out restaurant rather than the fine dining experience you would have at Apsara.


  4. I tried their naan and mutter mushrooms. I also bought a portion of their fish take away and what I got was like 4 small pieces the size of quarters for $80 wrapped in a piece of foil. After waiting for over a half hour I was very disappointed. I was told before buying by the worker that the ‘portion size’ was about a small soup container which the mutter mushrooms came in, but then it was explained after I got the food by the owner that the worker was mistaken. The food overall was very tasty but I believe other customers would also complain on the portion size.


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  6. There is a line in your post Trinichow where you stated their prices are reasonable compared to other authentic indian places in Tdad

    However their pics on FB have their prices up and I find it a bit pricey.
    Did you ever frequent TK Masala before it changed and moved to 1 Woodbrooke place? They had rather decent prices for very good food.


    • Hi Suri, yes we’ve had TK Masala in Long Circular Mall many times and enjoyed the food. However, frankly the food is better at Salt n’ Pepper. When we said reasonable, we weren’t thinking about TK Masala but instead comparing it to higher end Indian restaurants. The food at Salt n’ Pepper is on par if not better than some of these restaurants. Really hope you get to try and decide for yourself 🙂


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