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Where to Find Korean Food in Trinidad!

Korean food in Trinidad?

Although not as ubiquitous as Trinidad’s Chinese restaurants, you can find Korean food in Trinidad. Here’s the list, short and sweet — two restaurants, one bakery and one caterer:

GOLDEN BELL KOREAN RESTAURANT (Maraval Road in Newtown, POS AND Royal Palm Plaza in Maraval, Trinidad) – Golden Bell does a brisk lunch business, but do dinner for a more authentic Korean experience. Our dinner pick here is the tableside Shabu Shabu (available only at the Newtown location), a communal DIY meal with its spread of julienned vegetables and beef, lamb or seafood. Lunch translates into Korean-style lunch specials ranging from $40 to $60. Don’t miss the Toni Fried Chicken (boneless) and the Bi Bim Bap. #58 Maraval Road, Newtown (POS) (868) 628-0214 and Royal Palm Plaza, Maraval.

SONATA KOREAN RESTAURANT (Murray Street in Woodbrook, Trinidad) – Sonata offers a full Korean lunch and dinner menu packed with Korean favorites like Bibimbap, Kimchijeon, Gimbap, Kim Chi and Mandoo. Visit during dinner for a DIY Korean BBQ experience to grill Sirloin Steak, Spare Ribs or Pork Belly at your in-table grilling stations. #34 Murray Street, (868) 628-1237.

SHABANG SHABANG BAKERY (Western Main Road in St. James, Trinidad) – Packed with tons of Korean baked goods that are new to us, Sahabang Shabang is a true food find. For now our go-to here is the Mountain Bread, and the 13 Friends, Angel Bread and Mocha Bread are favorites of TriniChow readers. #10 Western Main Road between Ali’s Roti and American Stores, (868) 628-4307.

BOP (Trinidad) – Get your kimbap and bibimbap fix from this caterer! Derived from Japanese makizushi, think of kimbap (gimbap) as a Korean-style sushi. Made with rice (bap) lightly seasoned with sesame oil and salt and then rolled in sheets of seaweed (gim/kim), the fillings are include tuna, beef, veg & egg and veggies. BOP also recently added bibimbap to its lineup. When available, you can find BOP’s gimbap at Bloom’s Imports in Diego Martin, VegOut in St. Augustine (bibimbap is also available here). Link to BOP’s Facebook page. (868) 291-8597.

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