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YOUTHFUL VEGAN CAFE (St. James, Trinidad)

Youthful Vegan Cafe Trinidad - Veg BurgerAs much as we love all the food and wine events that we attend, most days what we really want are vegetable-centric meals and healthy snacks.

Enter the YOUTHFUL VEGAN CAFE a few months ago and this approach becomes easier to maintain.

Located in a bright St. James space just west of Long Circular Mall, the cafe offers”morning” and lunch menus of good-for-you vegan food like a Tofu Quiche w/Spinach & Sweet Peppers; Palak Tofu “Paneer” w/Coconut Basmati Rice; Tofu “Chicken” SandwichAsian Rice Paper Rolls w/Sesame Soy Sauce; and Parfait Cups (vanilla banana-cashew cream, berries, wheat-germ, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and coconut).

Link to all our Youth Vegan Cafe pictures on Facebook.

On the sweet side, YOUTHFUL VEGAN CAFE also features fruit smoothies, desserts, juices and teas; don’t miss the Glow Juice made from carrots, ginger and orange juice!

A wide range of prepared items are also available including the Youthful Vegan’s very moist (and sugar-free!) banana chocolate chip or date-spiced raisin muffins, roasted pumpkin-beet pasta sauce, veggie burgers quinoa-chickpea falafels, quinoa salad, and salad sprouts (organic and non-GMO) from Farmer Brown Organics.

Also worth noting is the cafe’s veganization of local holiday favorites like Divali sweets and Christmas pastelles and ponche de creme.

Cuisine – Vegan/Vegetarian (Youthful Vegan Trinidad – Menu)

Hours – Monday to Friday 9am-3:30pm

Address/Phone/Email – #1 Middle St. & Patna St., St. James, (868) 628-7674 / 689-9491,

Facebook Page/Instagram – Youthful Vegan Cafe on Facebook; Youthful Vegan Cafe on Instagram

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