Four Pastelle Picks…Christmas in T&T!

Pastelle Trinidad ChristmasPastelles are always at the top of our list during the Christmas season in Trinidad and Tobago.

Think of them as a savory cornmeal parcels of holiday cheer, packed with raisins, carrots, capers, olives, fresh herbs and other vegetables mixed with minced beef, chicken, fish, lentil or soya.

Here are four special pastelles that we’ve recently sampled and enjoyed:

1.  Youthful Vegan Cafe (St. James, Trinidad) – Looking for a meat and soy-free pastelle? This cafe has great pastelles filled with mushrooms, carrots, olives, capers, pimentos, raisins and other vegetables. Link to Youthful Vegan Cafe on Facebook & Instagram#1 Middle St. & Patna St, (868) 689-9491.

2.  Pastelles & More (Trinidad) – We love that she grinds the beef and chicken for her pastelles (all meats are halal). Options also include fish, soya, lentil and veggie pastelles. Pastelles & More can be found at the San Antonio Green Market every Sunday 8am-2pm and are available by special order. (868) 281-4880.

3.  New Earth Organic Cafe (Woodbrook, Trinidad) – Every Monday pastelles are on the menu at this Roberts Street vegan cafe. Two pastelles are served with Vilma’s spicy chow chow along with Garden Greens with Organic Mung Bean Sprouts. #80 Roberts Street, (868) 381-8785.

4.  Antojos Catering (Trinidad) – Promising an authentic Venezuelan experience, Antojos specializes in empanadas, arepas, cachapas and of course pastelles during Christmas. Antojos’ pastelles are available by order and occasionally at San Antonio Green Market & UpMarket. Link to Antojos on Facebook & Instagram. (868) 387-9929/301-3701.

Pastelle Recipe Links:

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