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JUICE BAR TT (Trinidad)

JUICE BAR makes cold pressed juices, smoothies and booster shots!

The smoothie and cold pressed juice menus are short and sweet with three options for each – Glowing Green, Youth Fountain and Muscle Tone for the smoothies and Detoxifier, Radiant Skin and Rocket Fuel for the cold pressed juices.  See the Juice Bar TT Menu for full descriptions. Feeling a under the weather? The JUICE BAR offers three booster shots – Gut Instinct (probiotic, lime/lemon, spring water); Beauty (spirulina, coconut water, vitamin B, protein and oxygenating); and the one we’re looking forward, the Wellness (ginger, lime/lemon, oil of oregano, cayenne, garlic and honey).

Don’t miss our favourite JUICE BAR beverage, the “Radiant Skin” a cold pressed juice made with beets, apple, ginger and carrot!

Where to Find It – Starlite Pharmacy (Maraval and Diego Martin); Linda’s Bakery outlets; Adam’s Bagels (Maraval).

Phone/Email – (868) 221-4876;

Facebook/Instagram – Juice Bar TT on Facebook; Juice Bar TT on Instagram

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