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5 Tips to Make the Most of Trinidad Restaurant Week

2016 Trinidad Restaurant Week is Friday, 16th September and will run through Sunday, 25th September. The 2016 participating restaurants (link to list) will offer prix fixe menus for lunch and/or dinner ranging from $120 to $400 inclusive of VAT and service charge. 

Here are five tips to make the most of Trinidad Restaurant Week:

1.  Find the restaurants offering items from their regular a la carte or prix fixe menus.
Many of our best restaurant week meals have occurred at the places featuring dishes from their regular menus. Take a quick glance at the regular menus of the restaurants and compare what they’re offering during Trinidad Restaurant Week to see if the special menu represents a good value and an opportunity to sample dishes you’ve always wanted to try.

2.  Make reservations, if you haven’t already!
This is a must if you want can dine at restaurants on your desired days and times.  In previous years, many restaurants were completely booked on Friday and Saturday nights so make your reservations ASAP and be sure to mention that you’re booking for the Trinidad Restaurant Week menu (also ask about seatings so you’re clear on what time you need to be finished so you won’t feel rushed).  If the restaurant is booked when you call, ask about a waitlist and consider calling on the day of your desired reservation to check for cancellations.

3.  Honour your reservation AND arrive on time.
Make sure your entire party arrives on time for your reservation, as many restaurants will do multiple seatings for the evening. Keep in mind that because restaurants may have multiple seatings you may not be able to linger for hours. If you need to cancel, don’t forget to phone the restaurant to inform them.

4. Ask about the drink specials.
Thanks to AMCO, one of the 2016 Trinidad Restaurant Week sponsors, some participating restaurants may be offering specials and/or complimentary wine/cocktails.

5. Leave a tip!
Although all participating Trinidad Restaurant Week  restaurants do include the service charge in the price, note that your waiter/waitress may not receive all or in some cases any of the service charge. Restaurant Week is a busy 10 days for most restaurants and your servers will be working work very hard to keep up with the crowds and unusual volume. A cash tip is a great way to recognize them for their service.

LINK: 2016 TRINIDAD RESTAURANT WEEK – Participating Restaurants

7 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make the Most of Trinidad Restaurant Week

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  2. WRT your last point, (Tip; which i always leave), I noticed that you mentioned “your waiter/waitress may not receive all or in some cases any of the service charge”. Why are the establishments charging a “service charge” if it is not going to the service personnel?!? This is a practice in almost all restaurants in Trinidad where the service charge means more profits for the owner while the service staff are left to fend for themselves. IMO the restaurant should not be able to add service charge if it is not going directly to the staff. If a customer receives excellent service, they have the option of leaving an additional tip.


    • I worked in the rest. industry for years and have been in establishments that both paid and didn’t pay service charge. They use every excuse in the book not to pay and some of them limit the amount that you get. There is one restaurant that is ALWAYS busy but only give their staff $500 each at the end of the month (and that’s if they are lucky). As a patron I always ask the staff if the tips go directly to them and also if they receive service charge. If they pool the tips, I tip cash. If they don’t receive service charge, I don’t pay it.


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