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Terrific Tapas & Spanish Guitar at CHAUD CAFE

Spanish tapas and flamenco guitar were perfectly paired a few weeks ago at CHAUD CAFE & WINE BAR.

With a full house inside and on the terrace, Stephan Roach and his ensemble made beautiful music under the stars while the CHAUD CAFE team turned out an all-star tapas lineup.

Our evening out included Introvertly Bubbly, Ceola from A Style Less Ordinary, and Sean of Meet Me at Fanatic and was full of lots of chat, laughter and music and of course, tapas.

Here’s our photo essay of what we tasted starting with our favorite, the Gambas al Ajillo (Garlic Shrimp), which should be renamed juicy flavourful shrimp cooked and served in a cast iron pan! Isn’t the presentation gorgeous?

Gambas al Ajillo, Chaud Cafe (Trinidad)

23 Gambas al Ajillo, Chaud Cafe (Trinidad)

Our tapas tour continued with the Melongene (Eggplant) Caviar, which was paired with toast.  As a lover of all things veggie, we really enjoyed this texturally interesting and flavourful tapa.

Chaud Cafe Trinidad Tapas - Melongene Caviar

We also tasted the following tapas – Galician Mussels Escabeche; Turkey Albondigas (meatballs); Chorizo & Manchego Cheese tapa on toast, Pan con Tomate; Salchichon & Serrano Ham; and Morcilla Pinxtos (black pudding) interestingly topped with a fried egg.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the tapas were washed down with red and white sangrias (made in house of course), and a great evening of food and music was had by all.

Thank you CHAUD CAFE for a wonderful evening and don’t forget Spanish Guitar evening returns to CHAUD CAFE on Tuesday, 26th August at 7:30pm with a special Seafood Paella.

2 thoughts on “Terrific Tapas & Spanish Guitar at CHAUD CAFE

  1. I was trying to park to enjoy the tapas but was disturbed by the security while was trying to park. Like they try to make it difficult to access. Made me feel I was invading a zone. I will not try again.


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