Wine & Spirits Event

Tasting Argentina at Fanatic Kitchen Studio with AMCO!

AMCO World of Wines & Spirits hosted an evening of wine and food last week at Fanatic Kitchen Studio with a focus on the wines of Bodega Catena Zapata, a family-owned winery in Argentina:

“The Catena family produces a range of reds and whites in the Mendoza region under the Catena and Alamos labels.”

Using AMCO-provided culotte cuts of meat, lamb ribs and fish products, Fanatic chefs created and executed a glorious six course menu paired with the wines of Catena, which are available from AMCO World of Wines & Spirits.

The menu included a seafood-inspired canapé, a fish-duo course, braised and roasted culotte beef (a cut of meat that was new to us!), spiced lamb ribs and a wine-inspired dessert.

Here’s our photo story of what we tasted!

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