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VIAAA Gourmet Bakery Restaurant Trinidad

BBQ Chicken Sandwich at VIAAA (Princes Town, Trinidad)

“This is exactly what Princes Town needed,” said a VIAAA customer on its Facebook page.

Ands it’s true, VIAAA is a great addition helping fill a need in Princes Town and Trinidad.

Doubling as a bakery and fast casual restaurant, the ambiance and comfortable seating will make you want to linger through breakfast, lunch and dinner. The genius of VIAAA is all the options, there’s truly something for everyone (and everything is made from scratch).

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As you enter the restaurant you immediately see the bakery section, which offers hops, coconut bakes, currant rolls, sweetbreads, danishes, quiches, croissants, tarts, muffins and other goodies.  Wheeled out in a bakery rack by smiling employees, the VIAAA hops arrival is a happy occasion complete with the aroma of freshly baked bread and customers queuing up for their hops.

Local and American-style breakfast is served up from 7am to 10:30am daily while lunch service starts at 11am.  The centerpiece of VIAAA’s lunch service is a large “buffet” station with nearly 50 items including pelau, macaroni pie, jerk chicken, callaloo, tandoori chicken, biryani rice, roti and curry chicken.

Stations offering burgers (chicken, beef, fish and veggie burgers), fried foods, pasta dishes, customizable salads, sandwiches and pizza round out the lunch/dinner menu with most of the options here being made upon order.

The ice cream bar has soft serve ice cream and regular housemade ice cream with flavors like cherry coconut, barbadine, “passion lash,” and cookies & cream.  Other dessert options include cookies, cupcakes like the Oreo Cupcake, and cakes (try the Nutella Chocolate Cake!).

On the day we visited as guests of the restaurant, we enjoyed a sweet & sour tofu and veggie entree, fried chicken with fries, a BBQ Chicken Sandwich and ice cream. Happily stuffed but committed to sampling baked goodies, we took home mini-quiches and fresh hops, which were devoured by our house guests the next day.  See all our VIAAA pictures here.

Cuisine – International; Local; Pizza

Hours – 7am-7pm Monday-Wednesday; 7am-9pm Thursday; 7am-9pm, Friday-Saturday; 11am-8pm, Sunday.

Features/Good to Know – Counter-service; Booth, table and counter seating is available; All meats are Halaal; Eggless desserts are available; Wide range of vegetarian options; Parking is available at the carpark across from Persad’s D’ Food King supermarket (located next door to VIAAA) and there’s additional parking at Secured Carpark in Bonanza Street with access to High Street through Harry’s Plaza.

Address/Phone/Facebook/Twitter – #92A High Street (next door to Persad’s supermarket) Princes Town, Trinidad; (868) 655-4734 or 655-7254; VIAAA on Facebook; VIAAA on Twitter; VIAAA on Instagram.

6 thoughts on “VIAAA GOURMET BAKERY & RESTAURANT (Princes Town, Trinidad)

  1. Hi, I also don’t buy food just anywhere, I am very particular. But I was very pleasantly surprised from the time. I entered VIAAA. Everything was how it should be,the food was grrrreeeeeaaaaatt, the place was clean, they were continuously cleaning, I ,
    a very very sceptic person was impressed with everything. Congratulations! I hope you all continue as is and I wish Gods blessings on you.


  2. I am a person who don’t buy fast food any where because it is very expensive but I was very hungry one day and the doubles vendor had sold out so I went viaaa, the food price was very reasonable and the environment was clean and relaxing and the wash rooms was very clean, not gross at all. I was very satified that I carried my whole family the next weekend. Viaaa is an very good family resturant 🙂


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