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Chop Chops Bistro Trinidad SaladWith Carnival nearly here in Trinidad & Tobago, it’s the perfect time to talk salad as we make our last lap of calorie watching, reduced carb diets, and an overall exercise frenzy.

CHOP CHOPS BISTRO recently introduced three new costume-friendly salads that can be enjoyed well beyond Carnival season — a Mediterranean Salad, Steak Salad and the very special Pat Cham Kai salad. (Link to all our Chop Chop pictures)

As you can probably deduce, the Pak Cham Kai was our fave for its range of textures and taste.

The five-spice chicken and lychee are the superstars in this salad while the thick rice noodles and lettuce make a fine base. Everything is lightly dressed in a dreamy housemade ginger, garlic and chive concoction and sprinkled with fresh cilantro and toasted sesame seeds.

All three salads make satisfying whole-meals with the Steak Salad coming in as the most filling thanks to the salad’s seared potato medallions.

But ultimately this salad is all about the flank steak, which is as tender and flavourful as it should be.  The remaining ingredients are steak’s close friends, the aforementioned potato, broccoli, roasted vegetables and of course salad greens.  A roasted bell pepper vinaigrette adds the final complement, nicely cutting the meatiness of the steak with its sweetness.

The Mediterranean Salad is a Greek salad lover’s delight with feta cheese, black olives, cucumber, tomatoes, pecans and grapes served on a salad leaves and with a housemade Mediterranean vinaigrette.  You can add lamb sausage meatballs (also made in house!) or rosemary chicken tenders for an additional punch of protein.

All three of these flavourful salads can be washed down with the all-natural ginger ale sodas, which come in three amazing flavours, traditional ginger ale, pomegranate, and green tea.

Go forth, get your salad on at CHOP CHOPS, and have a safe Carnival!

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