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CINNAMON BAKING (Diego Martin, Trinidad) – CLOSED

Cinnamon Baking TrinidadA gem of a bakery with local favorites made from scratch and baked daily, including very convenient grab-and-go breakfast service featuring coconut or fry bakes and sada roti with buljol, smoked herring, tomato choka and pumpkin in takeout containers.

In true neighborhood bakery form, CINNAMON BAKING offers up something for everyone with currant rolls, croissants, mini-pizzas, accra, puffs, sweet and savory muffins (bacon & cheese!), cinnamon rolls, various breads, cakes, and signature items like cinnamon pretzels.

We’re particularly partial to the ooey gooey currant rolls and whole wheat raisin bread, which makes a great french toast.

Link to our Cinnamon Baking pictures.

Cuisine – Bakery

Hours – Open 7:30am-6pm, Monday – Friday

Address/Phone – #1A Sierra Leone Road, Diego Martin, Trinidad; (868) 389-2501

Facebook Page – Cinnamon Baking

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