All-Day Breakfast / Free Wi-Fi / International / Maraval / Open on Sundays / Tea Service

DIANNE’S TEA SHOP (Maraval, Trinidad)

Dianne's Tea Shop TrinidadDIANNE’S TEA SHOP is a bright and airy affair offering a beautiful all-day tea experience.

Breakfast includes Eggs Benedict with Crab Blinis, an English Classic Breakfast, eggs any style and yogurt-granola parfaits, while the lunch menu offers up items like the Caprese Sandwich, Manhattan Sandwich and several pasta options.

Link to our pictures of Dianne’s Tea Shop.

Cuisine International; Tea

Hours – Monday – Friday: 7am-5pm; Saturday: 8am-5pm; Sunday: 9am-2:00pm.

Features – Full service; Tea and tea-related items, gourmet foods and gifts are available for purchase.

Address/Phone – #119 Long Circular Road, Maraval, Trinidad; (868) 223-3832

Link to Facebook pageDianne’s on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “DIANNE’S TEA SHOP (Maraval, Trinidad)

  1. Hi my name is kwasi smith. I was a guest this morning at your restaurant and it left a memorable moment in my life. I loved the food and the hospitality, very professional and courteous staff. I also had the pleasure of meeting the one famous Dianne. Not only the food taste great but very nutritional. I look forward for continuous support and feed my body healthy breakfast from your establishment.


  2. Good day,
    The hours you have for Dianne’s Tea shop are incorrect. Please see correct hours below.
    Hours – Monday – Friday: 7am-5pm; Saturday: 8am-5pm; Sunday: 9am-2:00pm.

    Dianne’s Tea Shop


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