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2014 Valentine’s Day Specials at Restaurants in Trinidad & Tobago


Here’s our roundup of restaurants in Trinidad & Tobago offering 2014 Valentine’s Day specials, which range from buffet dinners to multi-course plated dinners.

A few restaurants are also offering lunch on Valentine’s Day along with a special menu on the day before or after Valentine’s Day.


AIOLI (Maraval, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner Price (available Feb 14th & 15th): Seven courses for $795 per person includes VAT & service charge, a glass of wine and special keepsake.
  • LinkMenuReservations: (868) 222-4654

ALL OUT SPORTS BAR & GOURMET GRILL (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner Price (available Feb 14th & 15th): Three courses for $275 per person includes VAT & service charge and includes glass of  sparkling wine or Kir Royale.
  • LinkMenuReservations: (868) 628-0667.

BELLA ON THE AVENUE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner “Cupid Dinner for Two” – $500 per couple includes glass of wine.
  • Valentine’s Dinner “Aphrodite Dinner for Two” – $800 per couple includes glass of Sparkling Strawberry Verdi and Amuse Bouche.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 622-6233

BOIS CANO and TIKI VILLAGE at Kapok Hotel (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • Bois Cano All-Inclusive Cupid Package – Three course dinner for two – $750 per couple inclusive of taxes and a complimentary glass of wine
  • Tiki Village All-Inclusive Cupid Package – Three course dinner for two – $750-$850 inclusive of taxes and a complimentary glass of wine.
  • LinkFlyer on FacebookReservations: (868) 622-5765

CAPITAL PLAZA – 360 DEGREES RESTAURANT (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner Price: $995 per couple inclusive of tax & service charge. Complimentary glass of sparkling wine, a red rose and chocolates for the ladies.
  • LinkMenuReservations: (868) 625-3361/8

CARLTON SAVANNAH HOTEL (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • CASA RESTAURANT: Four Course Dinner – $1,000 per couple. Dinner includes a glass of wine.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 621-5000 or reservations@thecarltonsavannah.com.

CHAUD CAFE & WINE BAR (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day Menu Price: Special four course menu for $900 per couple inclusive of VAT  & service charge.
  • LinkMenuReservations: (868) 628-9845;

CHAUD RESTAURANT (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day Dinner Price: Five course dinner for $1,800 per couple inclusive of VAT  & service charge.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 623-0375.


  • Valentine’s Lunch: 3 course lunch $150 per person plus taxes with a complimentary glass of wine (menu link)
  • Valentine’s Dinner Price: Buffet Dinner for $350 per person plus taxes with a complimentary glass of wine. Live entertainment and giveaways.
  • Time: two seatings 6:30pm and 9pm
  • LinkFlyer on FacebookReservations: (868) 634-4000 ext. 424 or 498

DR!NK LOUNGE & BISTRO (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Lunch & Dinner: Three courses for $400 per couple includes bubbly cocktails for two.
  • Link: Menu; Reservations: (868) 223-7243.


  • Valentine’s Day Dinner Price (available Feb 13th, 14th & 15th): Five course meal with complimentary bottle of wine for $595 per person inclusive of VAT  & service charge.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 223-7233 or 627-2426.

FLAIR THE RESTAURANT (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day Dinner: Three course meal
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 628-1606

HYATT REGENCY TRINIDAD (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner Price: $400 per person exclusive of beverages, tax & charges (buffet)
  • LinkMenu & flyer on FacebookReservations: (868) 821-6550.

JAFFA AT THE OVAL (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner:  $525 per person inclusive of all taxes, complimentary glass of wine, ladies receive a rose and chocolate; Starts at 7pm. (Tickets must be pre-purchased.)
  • Reservations: (868) 622-OVAL (6825) or 628-6200; pthomas@jaffacuisine.com

JOSEPH’S RESTAURANT (Maraval, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day Special: $535 per person plus taxes for a four course meal.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 622-5557

LeVeLS ULTRABAR & LOUNGE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day Special: specialty dishes and sushi accompanied by glass of wine & dessert
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 622-5350 or reservations@levelsultrabar.com.

LIVE ART BISTRO (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner: $375 per couple
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 625-7123.

SHESHA CAFE & LOUNGE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner: Three courses for $275 per person plus tax & service charge.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 622-4927.

TAO SUSHI (Maraval, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner Price: Three courses for $495 per couple plus taxes with a complimentary glass of wine.
  • LinkMenuReservations: (868) 222-0001

ZAZOU BISTRO MODERNE (Maraval, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day Dinner Price: $795 per person
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 750-2083


REGENT STAR HOTEL (Piarco, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner Price: Four course dinner for $750 per couple exclusive of VAT & service charge, includes glass of wine and specialty truffles.
  • LinkMenu; Reservations: (868) 669-7000 or 669-7827 or regentstarhotel@yahoo.com


BOOTLEGGERS (Trincity Mall, Trincity, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Menu – $250 per person for a choice of an appetizer, main course and two sides, along with chocolate-covered strawberries.
  • Link: Menu; Reservations: (868) 640-8448

BUFFET KING (Chaguanas, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Lunch Special: $140 per person – 11:30 am – 4pm
  • Valentine’s Dinner Special: $225 per person – two seatings 6:30pm -8pm and 8:30pm -10:30pm
  • All taxes included and drinks are separate; Reservations: (868) 671-8795 or (868) 672-9483

EURASIA (Trincity Mall, Trincity, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Menu – Choose from a special Thai, Italian or Japanese/Sushi menu – $250 per person; lobster selection is $295 per person.
  • Link: Menu; Reservations: (868) 640-8955

MR RANGO COOKHOUSE & BAR (Chaguanas, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day Lunch & Dinner Special: three courses for $300 per couple, complimentary glass of wine and ladies receive a rose.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 223-1600

WILD OLIVE (Price Plaza, Chaguanas, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day  Special: $275 per person for three courses inclusive of taxes, complimentary glass of wine; also special a la carte menu
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 221-4742


CARNIVAL CITY (San Fernando, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Dinner: $350 per person for three courses, 5pm-8pm
  • Reservations: (868) 223-1193 or reservations@ccusl.com.

DREAM ULTRA LOUNGE & BAR (San Fernando, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Lunch: $350 per couple from 11am
  • Valentine’s Dinner Package 6:oopm: $350 per couple exclusive of VAT & service charge
  • Valentine’s Dinner Package 8:30pm-10:30pm: $650 per couple includes dinner for two and complimentary passes to Metro Night Club’s Valentine’s Event
  • LinkFlyer and menu on FacebookReservations: (868) 223-CHIC or (868) 681-1747 or email reservations@dreamtrinidad.com

THE RUSTY BARREL (San Fernando, Trinidad)

  • Valentine’s Day  Special (Thursday, Friday & Saturday)
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 289-6919


BLUE WATERS INN (Speyside, Tobag0)

  • Valentine’s Day  Dinner (starts at 6:30pm): $600 per couple includes two glasses of wine and a red rose.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 660-4341

D’ CURVE (Pigeon Point, Tobag0)

  • Valentine’s Day  Dinner (starts at 6:30pm): $350 per  person includes a glass of wine. $600 per couple.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 741-7768


  • Valentine’s Day Buffet Lunch – $2oo per person.
  • Valentine’s Day Buffet Dinner – $280 per person.
  • Link: Flyer; Reservations: (868) 639-8442


  • Kali’na Fine Dining Restaurant – Six-Course Dinner Plated Service – $299 per person plus 15% VAT & 10% service charge; Link to Menu & Flyer on Facebook.
  • Pembois Restaurant – Buffet Dinner – $250 per person plus 15% VAT & 10% service charge.
  • Reservations: (868) 660-8500 or guest.service@magdalenagrand.com


  • Special Three-Course Plated Dinner (appetizer, entree and desserts choices): $425 per person inclusive of VAT.  Price includes Bellini and wine pairing with each course.
  • Link: Menu; Reservations: (868) 639-0686

Top O’ the Mill Restaurant at TOBAGO HOSPITALITY & TOURISM INSTITUTE (Mt. St.George, Tobago)

  • Valentine’s Dinner: Three courses for $225 per person or $400 per couple, complimentary glass of wine, live entertainment and prize giveaways; Starts at 7 pm.
  • Link: Menu & flyer on FacebookReservations: (868) 660-2196/2352


  • Valentine’s Dinner:  $350 per person plus taxes, includes welcome drink.
  • Link: MenuReservations: (868) 660-2196/2352

TIP: Some images and flyers on Facebook can be difficult to read because the font is small, so try this: Right click on image, then click “open image in new tab,” and then click the image to enlarge.

All Valentine’s Day specials as well as the prices, menus and times listed above are subject to being withdrawn or changed at the restaurant’s discretion.  Link to details on great local chocolates, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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