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BAREFOOT BISTRO (Woodbrook, Trinidad) – CLOSED

Barefoot Bistro Trinidad

Wednesday Menu at Barefoot Bistro (Trinidad)

Good healthy food, made with love & great ingredients.

This could be the tagline for BAREFOOT BISTRO, a recent Woodbrook addition squarely focused on veg-centric dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

We’ve dined here several times and can’t stop shouting out (and Instagramming) the bistro’s insanely good Spinach & Mushroom Quiche, Black Bean Hashbrowns, Chopped Salad topped with housemade pico de gallo, and a Cinnamon Chocolate Bread Pudding.

Did we mention that nearly everything on the menu is made in-house right down to the ketchup?

And the chef, let’s discuss.

BAREFOOT BISTRO’s Ed Inglefield is a chef in love with food and local ingredients, happy to share recipes or passionately discuss the sweet greens in our salad, hand-picked at Wa Samaki Ecosystems Permaculture Farm in Freeport.

Tossing around phrases like authentic “mouth feel” to describe his lasagna’s ricotta cheese made from cashews or explaining why a balsamic reduction is drizzled on the quiche, his excitement is palpable and shows up on your plate.

Currently only open for lunch, the menu at BAREFOOT BISTRO changes daily. Short and sweet, there’s one main, salad, soup and dessert offered daily. Occasional specials are market-driven, while the regular entrée lineup includes a Vegan Mushroom Burger, Creamy Polenta & Roasted Vegetables, Flatbreads, Lasagne, and a silky Vegetarian Quiche packed with mushrooms and spinach that still manages to be light.

Thanks to the creative use of high quality ingredients, every entree seems to be gussied up into healthier irresistible experiences.  Classic lasagne gets a vegetarian, gluten free tune-up with layers of fresh zucchini and melongene, roasted tomato sauce, housemade pesto and the aforementioned cashew ricotta.

Be prepared to squeeze in (and make reservations for large groups) because the restaurant is small but Inglefield has plans to utilise the outdoor garden space in the coming months.

Other future plans include the addition of a daily breakfast and weekend brunch.  Link to our BAREFOOT BISTRO pictures.

Cuisine – International; Vegetarian/Vegan

Link to MenuLunch menu

Hours – Lunch: Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm-2:30pm

Features/Good to Know Cash only; Full service; No alcohol; Meats are available as a side and can be added to certain dishes – Grilled Chicken $15, Grilled Steak $20, Grilled Fish (when available).

Address/Phone/Facebook & Instagram Pages – #22 Gallus Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad; (868) 286-1136; Barefoot Bistro on Facebook; Barefoot Bistro on Instagram

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