French / International / Maraval

ZAZOU KITCHEN (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

Update (July 2017) – ZAZOU has relocated and will reopen in July 2017 with a new menu, concept & name – ZaZou Kitchen – at One Woodbrook Place. See menu and more details below:ZaZou Kitchen Menu - TRINIDAD

This write-up is for ZaZou Bistro, the new write-up is coming soon!

“The food is the focus,” said Chef Pierre Le Bihan.

These words have stayed with us months after our first visit to Chef Le Bihan’s ZaZou Bistro Moderne. Fast forward nearly two years and many meals later, and the food is still the focus.  French classics like pate, escargot, French onion soup dot the dinner menu along with a beautifully plated entrees and desserts.


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Dessert is a sweet affair at ZaZou, so beautifully plated that you almost can’t bring yourself to eat them.  On our visit we sampled the Caramel Creme Brulee, a sublime end-of-meal-treat, which made us resolve to return and try the entire menu of housemade desserts.

Cuisine French-Japanese

Links to Menus (subject to change):  Lunch and dinner menuDessert menu; Afternoon Tea menu (coming soon)

Hours – Tuesday-Saturday from 5pm.

Features – Full service; Full bar; Indoor and outdoor seating

Address/Phone/Facebook Page – One Woodbrook Place, Woodbrook, Trinidad; (868) 750-2083; ZaZou on Facebook

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