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2013 Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week: November 8th-17th!

2015 LINK to details on 2015 Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week

The inaugural 2013 Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week starts on Friday, November 8, 2013 and runs until Sunday, November 17, 2013!  We’re so excited for the restaurants and most of all you as you get to check out restaurants that may be to new to you and revisit past favorites!

Here’s the rundown of participating restaurants, pricing details and links to menus for the 2013 Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week (TTRW):

2013 MENUS: Each participating restaurant is offering a special prix fixe DINNER menu (menu links are below). The items listed on the menus are plated and are not buffet.

2013 PRICES: Prices listed (below) are per person and vary according to restaurant category ($400, $300, $200 or $120 per person).  Prices listed do include all taxes.  Also, keep in mind Restaurant Week sponsor AMCO World of Wine & Spirits is offering a complimentary cocktail and/or wine special ($) for all Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week diners!

2013 RESERVATIONS: Most restaurants require reservations during TTRW 2013 (November 8th – November 17th), if you’re dining from the special Restaurant Week menu. Be sure to mention that you are reserving for the T&T Restaurant Week special.

2013 CONTEST: Post creative pictures of your TTRW meals (using the hashtag #TTRestaurantWeek and include the name of the restaurant) on the T&T Restaurant Week Facebook page for a chance to win a bottle of wine from AMCO World of Wine & Spirits.  More details here (link).

The following restaurants are participating in 2013 T&T Restaurant Week with a special prix fixe dinner menu (this list is subject to change with restaurants being added, removed or changing categories based on their participation):

2013 DIVINE – $400 per person (inclusive of all taxes):

2013 DELECTABLE – $300 per person (inclusive of all taxes):

2013 SAVORY – $200 per person (inclusive of all taxes):

2013 SCRUMPTIOUS – $120 per person (inclusive of all taxes):

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One thought on “2013 Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week: November 8th-17th!

  1. I don’t mean to be a critic here, if only for constructive purposes, but I thought that restaurant week sought to bring awareness to the fine dining/casual dining options that exist in T&T? Then if so, the idea should be to ENCOURAGE customers to dine in and not to simply offer your usual menu at it’s normal prices. I’ve dined at a few of these participating restaurants and I am not encouraged to participate in any way for the simple fact that these prix fixe meals are no ‘value deals’. If I had to choose exactly what I wanted to eat from their a la carte menus, the cost would be almost the same as the prix fixe menus.
    Just a hint for the next restaurant week: ‘Lower than usual’ prices might encourage greater participation by the avid restaurant goer as well as by those who would not normally dine out. Free advice.


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