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Tasting the World: The T&T Consular Corps International Food Festival

Cuisines from around the globe converged at the Hilton Trinidad for the Consular Corps International Food Festival on October 12th.

In its third year, this popular food festival is organised by The Consular Corps of Trinidad & Tobago to raise much-needed funds for local nonprofits including The Children’s Life FundNational Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Community Chest and the TTSPCA.

The Hilton Trinidad’s culinary team shined that evening preparing popular dishes from nearly forty countries around the globe for over 300 guests.

We were most excited about tasting Guyana’s Pepperpot, an intensely aromatic and flavourful dish made with cassareep, hot peppers, cinnamon and cloves.  The Polish Pierogi, Peru’s cute Ceviche de Pescado shots, Israeli Falafel balls and Lebanese Hummus, Babaganoush and Pita breads also made an appearance on our plates.  Meanwhile, regional foods were well represented with Bajan Souse and Bahamian Crab N’ Rice, and the aforementioned Pepperpot.

If there were prizes for best presentation, Thailand’s Chicken Stuffed Sticky Rice Bites (beautifully wrapped in banana leaves and much more than a bite) would have emerged victorious along with the show-stopper Roasted Suckling Pig of the Philippines being carved on the spot.

Our liquid chasers that evening were Angostura cocktails and the spicy citrus Blue Moon Beer, a recent import to Trinidad we enjoyed so much that we’ve bookmarked their handy Blue Moon locator app.

Sadly dessert was a no-go because we were so stuffed, but options included a Finnish Rice Pudding, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, cookies, and Austria’s take on chocolate cake, the Sachertorte.

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All in all a fantastic food event all to support the work of local nonprofit organisations.  ‘Til next year!

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