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Doubles: The East vs West Challenge – Part 2 in the West

Tony's Doubles Trinidad

Tony’s Doubles (Petit Valley, Trinidad)

West was up a few Saturdays ago for Part Two of the East/West Doubles Challenge (part one took place a few weeks ago in the East.)

We braved the weather with challenge organizers David Wears and Nigel Reid, QD Ross of Bring It to the TableTriniCooks‘ Joel & Mirella Villafana, blogger & DJ Cheyenne Baptiste, photographer Peter Lim Choy and Laura Dowrich from The Guardian’s Metro Magazine to taste doubles in five locations.

Pictures from the West challenge are here (link) and here’s our account of the tasting:

J&S DOUBLES (Carenage, Trinidad) – Located in the car park of the old gas station opposite School Street, J&S Doubles was first on the list.  Two men worked this curbside stand and although it’s a little short on ambiance, the doubles were nice here.  The bara was light and soft, the channa a little too watery for our liking, but we like the taste.  Suprisingly, the pepper barely registered here.  All in all though, we were off to a decent start with J&S Doubles.

TONY’S DOUBLES (Petit Valley, Trinidad) – Tony’s is a smart looking stand, very clean and always seeming to boast a fresh coat of blue paint. This neat appearance extends to Tony (and his son) who were dressed in a uniform of sorts with their pressed white shirts.  The doubles were worth the wait here, the bara was pillow-like and appropriately pliable while the consistency and flavour of the channa was on point.  The condiments (shadon beni sauce and fresh cucumbers) beautifully rounded out our doubles experience at Tony’s.  (This was our favourite of the morning.)  

BARA BARA DOUBLES (St. James, Trinidad) – We met the largest crowd of the morning here, and unfortunately the long line defied doubles logic.  The bara was too thin, the channa so soupy it literally ran off the bara and down our arm as we tried to eat it.  Bara Bara also elicited the funniest comments from the judges including “the only good thing here is the paper” and “next time we need to add zeroes to the judging sheets.”

GEORGE’S DOUBLES (Woodbrook, Trinidad) – George’s is a legend in the West so we really wanted to love his doubles.  But the doubles here were average at best with the biggest problem being the bara, which was dry and tough.  The channa didn’t help matters with one judge proclaiming that the channa tasted like chewing gum. His exact words were “it reminds me of Joe Gum.”

Stay tuned for the official results for the West challenge and tell us in the comments what doubles vendors in the West or East are worthy of the top prize!

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3 thoughts on “Doubles: The East vs West Challenge – Part 2 in the West

  1. Tony’s Doubles on Morvant Junction! Tried doubles all over T&T and this is my fav! Better than any doubles in Curepe imo. ‘De Original Sauce’ in Curepe is the plan B in the evening if Tony not there in the morning


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  3. Not that it might influence the judge’s decision, but I think ‘De Original Sauce’ in Curepe and ‘Rocky’s’ at corner Jaffar St. (in de bamboo) will out perform ANY of these other doubles anyday!


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