Caribbean/Creole / Rampanalgas

ARTHUR’S GROCERY & BAR (Rampanalgas, Trinidad)

Souse Trinidad Arthur's Rampanalgas Toco

Souse at Arthur’s Grocery & Bar

On your way to Toco or visiting a beach in Northeastern Trinidad?

ARTHUR’S GROCERY & BAR is the place to stop for drinks, snacks and most importantly, a full-on lunch.

Folks swear by Ms. Jenny’s crayfish and the crab & dumpling at Arthur’s (pre-order both because they sell out quickly).  You’ll also find the usual Saturday favorites here – souse and soups (corn soup, fish broth, etc.).

For those looking for heavier fare, there’s macaroni pie, provisions, callaloo, coo coo, dumplings, stewed pork, curry chicken and other local favourites on the menu.

Features/Good to Know: Counter service; Carry-out service only but there are a few tables to eat your food; Full bar on the premises; Opens “around 10:30am;” Call Ms. Jenny at (868) 351-0234 to pre-order the crayfish ($180 cooked up in a curry or garlic sauce), crab & dumplings ($65) or even lobster ($200 and up).

Address: Toco Main Road, Rampanalgas, Trinidad.

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