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Meet Me @ Fanatic!

Dressed up.  Phone charged.  Camera in bag.

We’re ready for Meet Me @ Fanatic, a fresh new event from Sean Gonzales and FANATIC KITCHEN STUDIO.

The concept is simple.  Meet up at Fanatic for an informal lime, watch the chefs and mixologist do their thing and make new friends and connections, all while sampling cutters and sipping drinks.

So off we went to Fanatic Kitchen Studio to meet up with our fun blogging pal from Learning Patience.  Introvertly Bubbly and Trininista of Life in Heels & Flip Flops also turned up that night among the nearly thirty guests, rendering Meet Me @ Fanatic full of  vibes, lots of laughs and satisfying bites.

And since we’re all about the food at TriniChow, let’s start with the cutter that we absolutely adored, the one that had everyone in the room buzzing and asking “did you taste it, did you try it?”

The Shrimp Pholourie!

Pholourie Shrimp Trinidad

Pholourie Shrimp (Trinidad)

This appetizer was oh so simple, but genius.  How could we have never tried to make this at home, we all wondered.  Plump shrimp were dipped in pholourie batter and then fried.  The breading acted as the perfect vessel, all puffy and protective of the shrimp inside.  We’re sighing as we type this, wondering what other foods could be bathed in pholourie batter and then fried.

As we waited for the next dish, we munched on Parmesan Popcorn and Shrimp Slices, a snack that seems to take everyone in Trinidad & Tobago back to their primary school days.  All this food activity was punctuated by the mixologist’s cocktail demonstrations and sangria how-to’s.

Shrimp Slices Trinidad

The chefs talked the crowd through an interactive Jambalaya session as they cooked up bright red peppers, carrots, onions and meat to be added to the rice.  A native of Louisiana, the Jambalaya is our pelau’s culinary cousin with additional ingredients and less browning.  (The similarities between the Creole food of New Orleans and its environs always amaze us.)

Jambalaya Fanatic Kitchen Studio Trinidad

Jambalaya at Fanatic Kitchen Studio (Trinidad)

We also sampled a vegetarian Crostata constructed from layers of vegetables and thinly sliced bread, and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs.  Like the Shrimp Pholourie, this light casserole will be making an appearance in our kitchen.  A pork cutter and fish cake also were served, but we we so busy talking we didn’t get to try them.

Crostata Fanatic Kitchen Studio Trinidad

Crostata at Fanatic Kitchen Studio (Trinidad)

The foodie part of the night ended with a little molecular gastronomy and of course the cameras came out.   Under the watchful eye of the chefs, ice cream was prepared tableside using  liquid nitrogen and quickly consumed by all of us.

Post-dessert Meet Me @ Fanatic rocked on as most guests continued to lime and we resolved to return to Meet Me @ Fanatic.

MEET ME @ FANATIC is held monthly at Fanatic Kitchen Studio Kitchen. Check the Fanatic Facebook page for upcoming event dates.

One thought on “Meet Me @ Fanatic!

  1. Ian Rooks says we can get the recipes on the Guardian but doesn’t say which day.Also on CNC3 site, but I can’t find it there either. They are doing some healthy recipes now and I am interested in trying them. Please direct me.


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