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Mango Madness at the 2013 Mango Festival!

Details on the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Mango Festival (LINK)

It was all about the mango at the Trinidad & Tobago Mango Festival on Sunday, July 7th — mango wine, mango chow, mango kutchela, mango jam, mango pone, mango ice cream, mango body products and more.
Full picture gallery is here (link).

Organised by the Network of Rural Women Producers – Trinidad & Tobago in collaboration with UWI, the Ministry of Food Production and other government ministries, the Mango Festival is in its fifth year and by all accounts is bigger and better every year.  This year the crowd was thinner probably due to the rain on Sunday, but folks turned out throughout the day to taste sweet juicy mangos and mango-infused goodies.

Mango products on display ranged from utilitarian mango chows and preserved mango treats along with mango soaps, body scrubs (created from mango sugar) and lotions.  Some of the tastiest and most creative treats at this year’s festival were the homemade mango pone, mango kurma and a mango upside down cake.

And of course, locally grown mangos were out in all their glory including the people’s perennial favourite the Julie mango, as well as Dou Dou, Graham, Starch and Cutlass mangos.  We left the festival with a bag full of Julie and Starch mangos, mango chow to snack on in the car, two jars of mango ginger marmalade, and a multi-purpose mango sweet sauce from Modern Equator that we can’t wait to drizzle on our pancakes.

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4 thoughts on “Mango Madness at the 2013 Mango Festival!

  1. I am going to have to plan my visits back home via your blog. I am amazed when friends at home tell me they are bored because there is nothing to do! Ha, such a huge NO! Tons of great events such as this! Where are these events advertised?


  2. Having to attend another function last year, I was late for the event. I promised myself for 2013 I will surely be there. Disappointment!!!! again I missed this year’s as I did not remember. I am sure the participants were disappointed at the attendance maybe due to the rain but certainly by the lack of widespread advertising. I know it would have taken a great deal of effort on their part. I am really, really disappointed to have missed it. Hopefully next year, GOD willing. Please, please advertise more.


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