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2013 Tobago Culinary Festival: Sunday, June 23rd

Tobago Culinary Festival 2013The 2013 Tobago Culinary Festival is back this weekend at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park!

Come hungry because as always, the festival promises to be an absolute foodie delight with tons of local and international food available for purchase.  Local chefs and cooks will throw down in beach-side kitchen stadium while entertainers will keep the crowds moving. (Admission is FREE!):

  • Gourmet local and global food tastings from Tobago’s leading restaurants, chefs, caterers and cooks along with the AMCO Wine Station
  • Iron Chef Competition (starts at 1:40pm)
  • Local Cooks Competition (starts at 12pm)
  • Secondary school student culinary competition (starts at 10am)
  • Entertainment includes commentary from Wendell Etienne along with musicians like Shadow, Baron Johnny King, Drummers of Tomorrow, Caribbean Inxs, Katzenjammers, and more!

WHERE – Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Tobago

WHEN – Sunday, JUNE 23, 2013 (gates open at 10am)

CONTACT;; (868) 639-2125, ext. 2219.


2 thoughts on “2013 Tobago Culinary Festival: Sunday, June 23rd

  1. Looking forward to photos from 2013. I guess I’ll have to make plans to be in Tobago for 2014 GOD willing. In the meantime, get some of the products over here.


  2. I am just viewing photos of the 2012. Why aren’t these packaged items sold in Trinidad like the goat cheeses etc from Orange Hill Dairy Farm; the wines; Teas etc. All you see is TOO MUCH foreign stuff with a set of additives/preservatives, when so much local things are produced right here in Tobago, even organic, with local ingredients…..why…why…why????????


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