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Sterling’s Quick Guide to Debe’s Delicacies & Doubles

Pholourie TrinidadMany consider Debe to be the capital of doubles in Trinidad.  So when Sterling recently sent us his take on Debe’s doubles and delicacies, we just knew we had to share it with you.   Here’s his roundup of doubles and delicacies in Debe (in his own words). 

“All the vendors in Debe have real tasty delicacies.

You can get doubles of course, saheena, pholourie, aloo pie, baiganee, cachourie and more.  Definitely try a “from the pot cachourie” with amchar or sweet sauce.  This is superb and one is enough.

Pepper in Debe is HOT HOT!  Ask any vendor and they will say “Nah, it eh hot.”  Oh yeah, they have asbestos mouth!  But remember this is cholesterol country.  Squeeze a newly fried saheena – about a teaspoon of oil will come out.

ALI’S DOUBLES is the originator of doubles and it’s a must stop.  Apart from doubles, ALI’S cooks up delicious food like curry duck, goat and chicken as well as boil and fry cassava.  Also, you have a choice of very tasty condiments including “muddah-in-law.”  The food here is home style, the service provided by Mr. Ali and his son is hospitality itself.  Look for a photograph of the original ALI brothers on the wall.

On Penitence Street between High Street and St. James Street, there is a doubles van with a superb doubles.  No name but you’ll know it by the line. This fella is so popular people send lists with 20 doubles — with/without/slight/medium/heavy pepper, sweet sauce, etc.  He is closed on Wednesdays.  Easy on the pepper here – hot is HOT.

Also, since Debe has about six/seven vendors, you have choice.  In Debe Trace (not a “trace” really-fully paved) next to the vendors, there is a restaurant and bar called PARKERS.  They serve a superb bowl of dhal, definitely worth  a try.

All of the above places are heavily patronised, safe and on main thoroughfares.  If you mention you from North,they will show more interest.  You know how we South people is.”

Thanks Sterling for all the tips!

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2 thoughts on “Sterling’s Quick Guide to Debe’s Delicacies & Doubles

  1. Try Mr. Khan’s doubles on further south in Debe on the S.S. Erin Main Road just after Kaya’s Hair Salon on the right going towards Penal. D besssss in Debe!


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