7 Tasty Picks from Buzo’s Executive Chef, Cristian Grini

Buzo Trinidad Chef Grini

Executive Chef, Cristian Grini at Buzo Osteria Italiana

From noodles to a Napoleon along with doubles and roti, here are seven of Cristian Grini’s favourite things to eat in Trinidad.  (Grini is the Executive Chef at BUZO OSTERIA ITALIANA.)

#1  Rice Noodles w/Beef at EAGLES CHINESE RESTAURANT in Woodbrook. These handmade noodles are great — soft (but not mushy) and served with bean sprouts and plenty beef.

#2  Doubles from the Maritime roundabout in Barataria.  You’ve got to try the Maritime roundabout doubles with their cucumber chadon beni chutney.  I hate chadon beni, but this is the only place I’ll eat something with chadon beni.

#3  Short Ribs for lunch at CHAUD RESTAURANT in Port of Spain.  The best part is that these boneless short ribs are slow cooked for forever so they’re  just melt in your mouth tender.  They come with a nice soft polenta and vegetables.

#4  Roti from LOVIE’S in Tunapuna.  I know there are lots of places for roti, but LOVIE’S is my favourite.

#5  Chicken Sandwich with plenty pepper sauce and extra cheese at PANINI CAFÉ in West Mall or Ellerslie Plaza.  Just ask for the #2 on the menu and a side of French fries.  I live on that sandwich and oh god is it good — balsamic reduction, melty cheese…it always makes me feel like sleep one time after.

#6  Shrimp Wontons at ME ASIA in Woodbrook.  ME ASIA’s fluffy wontons are full of shrimp, but I really like them because the wontons are steamed and then fried!  You have to eat them with the nice thick soy sauce with plenty pepper sauce.

#7  Creme Brulee Napoloen at CHAUD RESTAURANT.  The Napoleon here is so good with the caramelized bananas and caramel ice cream in between that crispy filo pastry.

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