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Talent on a Plate (and in a glass): Trinidad & Tobago National Culinary Team!

We’re going into week seven of the Trinidad & Tobago National Culinary Team practice dinners and loving it!

Every Monday, team members work tirelessly turning out gorgeous plates with a nod to local dishes like souse, choka, paw paw balls, and everyone’s holiday favourite, sorrel.  And under the tutelage of Team Captain Raymond Joseph and Vice-Captain Sabrina Rosales, we’re seeing tremendous growth plate by plate in all three courses.  Link to more team dinner pictures.

The weekly drinks are equally inspired as T&T top bartender Clinton Ramdhan mixes up T&T inspired cocktails that seamlessly incorporate surprising ingredients like plantains and sweet potatoes.

This Monday, the team ups the ante and moves its kitchen outside so diners can experience the show — the sounds, smells and sights of the National Culinary Team at work.  We hope to see you there!

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