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SALAD CAFE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

Salad Cafe Trinidad

Salad Cafe (Trinidad)

Get ready for tons of healthy choices at the SALAD CAFE, a new restaurant on the Avenue in Woodbrook.  We’re talking salads that make a meal like D Big Shot (lettuce, olives, capers cherry tomatoes, chick peas and feta cheese with salmon and tossed in a cumin dressing.

The cafe menu is cleverly divided into seven “House Creations” including D Big Shot, Chinese Chopstix (spinach, bean sprouts, Mandarin oranges, carrots, snow peas w/chicken and a ginger sesame dressing, and the Bacchanal (lettuce, cranberries, strawberries & watermelon with chicken dressed with a watermelon vinaigrette).  You can also create your own salad for $35 — choice of greens (mixed greens, romaine lettuce or spinach) and three “essentials” (all manner of vegetables, fruits, beans, cheeses , etc.) — and add in chicken, seafood or pasta at an additional cost.

Desserts and a separate juice bar with fresh juices and smoothies are also available, along with tea and coffee drinks.  (Alcohol is served in the evenings.)  Link to our SALAD CAFE pictures.

BONUS: Salad Cafe creations soon will be available for delivery via

Hours – 10:30am – 8pm, Monday-Wednesday and  10:30am-11pm, Thursday-Saturday

Facebook Page/Email Salad Cafe’s Facebook Page;

Address/Phone – Corner of Ariapita Avenue and Ana Steet, Woodbrook, Trinidad; (868) 623-GREEN (4733)

2 thoughts on “SALAD CAFE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  1. Healthy choices? What do you mean by healthy choices? Firstly, there´s barely any choice in the salad bar. No rice, no quinoa, no seeds, no cheese, nothing except from lettuce, tomato, onion, olives and corn.
    And healthy? The whole place looked dirty and the vegetables looked like they have been on those containers for may days. The lettuce was out of date, I had a salad with chicken and got a stomach infection either from the chicken, the lettuce or the tomato which also smelled funny. I couldn´t eat for two days
    I would not only not reccomend this place but recommend people NOT TO GO

    Some ideas:
    1) Get nice sides. Lettuce and tomato is not enough. Get rice, quinoa, feta cheese, something better… seeds, legums
    2) Have your vegetables fresh. take care of the presentation
    3) Do delivery around the zone! there´s many offices and no deliveries.


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