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URBAN OASIS CAFE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

Urban Oasis Cafe Trinidad

Urban Oasis Cafe (Trinidad)

Dinner and a movie just got easier thanks to the recent opening of URBAN OASIS CAFE in the Digicel IMAX complex at One Woodbrook Place.

The menu at this full-service cafe is short and sweet with sandwiches, salads and pasta along with desserts, a full coffee bar and a fantastic tea selection from Numi Organic Tea.

URBAN OASIS sandwiches and salads range from the hearty to the global with options like a Twist to the Middle East (fire roasted peppers, red onions, Arabic roasted eggplant compote & garlic chadon beni aioli ); Asian Tower Salad; the Char Grilled Steak & Portabella Mushroom Sandwich; and a Mexican Style Burrito.  Link to Urban Oasis pictures.

Try the impressive Asian Tower topped with grilled shrimp or chicken — Asian rice noodles tossed with spring vegetables drizzled with a soy, ginger & honey pepper dressing.  You’re sure to step up your salad game with this tasty noodle salad packed with fresh flavours from the dressing.

One more thing to note, the waitresses at URBAN OASIS were very welcoming, virtually ensuring that we’ll return to enjoy a full meal before taking in a movie.

Cuisine – International

Hours – 11am-7pm, Tuesday-Saturday

Website/Email – Urban Oasis Facebook Page; Urban Oasis

Address/Phone – One Woodbrook Place, Woodbrook, Trinidad; (868) 759-1994.

12 thoughts on “URBAN OASIS CAFE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  1. Not a good experience here at all. Forgot my phone there but on returning, the staff advised they did not see it…..weird enough. …the manager refused to reveal the presence of security cameras…..


  2. Always a friendly welcome and attentive service. Tasty food in decent sized portions with a nice variety of coffees, teas etc.. all reasonably priced. Clean and inviting atmosphere. We’ve been going for a couple of years, generally weekend lunchtimes, and our custom is clearly valued. Thoroughly recommended.


  3. I was pleased to visit the Urban Oasis Cafe. The staff were welcoming, the ambiance was warm and food and drink were superb. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the exotic tea’s and coffee items were organic and green. I will definitely return, and tell my friends about this place.


  4. OK well I am happy to contribute my take: Yesterday after a long trek about POS (giving my Australian friend a tour of our city liked she asked:) we stopped into Urban Oasis Cafe and enjoyed a bowl of pumpkin soup each. She repeatedly said “Mmm I wish I could cook like this at home.” I loved the coconut milk and nutmeg flavors – mine needed a dash of that lovely rock salt from the grinder (nice idea to keep food less salty as my friend thought hers was perfect!) It was no creole pumpkin sancoche but it was certainly no broth – too creamy to be called a broth. It was hearty and more than adequate for us. For the ravenous, this is more of a fine soup than a one plate bellyfull for a quick lunch before returning to work. We went on to share a grilled veg pannini, (Middle Eastern on the menu I think) and that too was tasty and satisfying. I luv the shadon beni sauce that dotted my plate. This is the second time I have ordered that sandwich and it was consistently good. My only wish was for a whole wheat bread option and I was told that is in the works. My Aussie friend delighted in the NUMI flowering tea, a hot beverage ritual with biblical simplicity that makes this bistro worthy of its name as a modern “oasis”. I opted for the organic coffee latte, of which I will never weary. It is simply the best tasting, most honest “cup of Joe” I have found in Trinidad thus far. (Won’t worry to name the usual suspects, including most of the hotels, that just don’t deliver on this count). Over the weekend I heard a stranger with a foreign accent on the table behind me professing his love for this coffee in the same way. Yesterday we enjoyed warm, friendly, well-timed service. I admit that I am a friend of the Oasis, but am also a paying customer, and am frank about my feedback. Let’s face it we all enjoy many options these days to suit each taste preference and pocket. I did notice some activity around the register and on asking was told that the service company (they remain unnamed?), who had sent over an attendant, was ironing out some kinks.


  5. Allyuh must do dinner rael early if the place close at 5? And I thought dinner usually AFTER the movie? Must be plenty people who could sneak out of work early to do a afternoon movie?


      • You know Mr./Ms. Editor, by experience, I empathise with the fact that starting a new business has it’s kinks, however, when my husband & I started our business four years ago, we were willing to compensate (and overcompensate) our clients for any area where we felt we had fallen short in our service or product because of the ‘newness’ of the establishment. I must state though, that an apology is not to be considered as compensation – an apology for any faux fas is standard behaviour/good manners and a sign of respect for your customer and for his/her time.
        Not too eager to return because of my experience (which is unfortunate seeing that the Cafe is very close to home). Maybe if my family or personal friends visit and have pleasurable experiences to report (service & food), then I might re-consider…..but thank you Mr./Ms. Editor.


        • Hello Nicole, firstly we must deeply apologize for this late reply! We are also terribly sorry that your experience with us,was not a good one! Thank you for bringing this to our attention and it will be addressed. Can you please email your contact information to


  6. Ok, I regret to make this long update, especially since this is my first negative experience from a restaurant on TriniChow. I always give kuddos for quality service and delightful food from establishments that this site recommends, so that this post will be equally fair, if only in the interest of the potential customer.

    So I bought my Pumpkin Coconut Bisque yesturday as it was the ‘soup of the day’. Apparently, that was not my day to purchase it, because the quality of the soup, as well as the service I expected (especially after the very cordial phone call earlier in the day) were both ‘null & void’. My ‘soup’ was very thin and more like a spicy broth; I tasted no pumpkin OR coconut flavours. I’ve had pumpkin soup before on numerous occassions at various places (including the Hyatt and Bella on the Avenue) and there is no mistaking between ‘broth consistency’ and ‘soup consistency’. If I could upload a pic, I would have, before I threw it out, because the ‘soup’ that I got, compared to the pics shown on the official website and on their fb page are not remotely close (it’s called FALSE ADVERTISING). The only thing I savoured from this were the two tiny pieces of complimentary garlic bread that came with the purchase (a very neat idea).

    Now to customer service: After standing by the counter for a little while, I had to ASK to be attended to, by an unenthused, expressionless server who was busy wiping counters all the while that I stood there. When it was time to pay for my soup ($35.00), the server could not figure out how to charge the purchase to the cash register. No exaggeration, I waited another NINE MINUTES for this to be figured out, WITHOUT so much as an explanation. She then placed my linx card and receipt ON THE COUNTER (although I was RIGHT THERE and I gave her my card IN HER HAND). To add insult to injury, there was NO APOLOGY for the long wait. In fact, she said nothing at all. I then calmly picked up my soup from the counter and left – By then, I didn’t even expect an ‘enjoy your meal’, perhaps because somebody knew that I would not have.

    My posts are never intended to be malicious, but to give the customers’ persepective, towards the view of the delivery of better service/food by the establishment, especially where it’s a relatively new one.


    • Hi Nicole, sorry to hear about your experience at Urban Oasis. We haven’t tried the pumpkin soup but think that we’re hoping you will give this restaurant another try.

      When we visited we were greeted warmly and ordered a salad, which we thoroughly enjoyed. (And we did not announce to the waitresses that we were from TriniChow.) With that said, Urban Oasis is a new place and as with all new establishments it sounds like there are food & service issues that are still being worked out. We really hope you will give them another try and perhaps consider talking to the owner or manager directly about your experience so they have chance to improve and/or remedy the problems you described. Let us know how it works out, if you decide to return.


  7. After looking at the soup menu ( I LOVE pumpkin soup), I decided to call to enquire about it. I had a few questions for the lady who answered and I must say that she sounded, polite, friendly, inviting and professional throughout our conversation. Will definately buy here in the near future, maybe today even.


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