8 Questions for Chef Khalil Ali of PECHE PATISSERIE

Peche Patisserie Trinidad

Chef Ali, Peche Patisserie

Freshly baked croissants, pain au chcocolat and other pastries and desserts draw a steady stream of customers at Chef Ali’s Picton Street pâtisserie.  Meanwhile, PECHE is packed on weekends with diners hungry for the restaurant’s excellent breakfast and lunch menu.

We’re equally besotted with PECHE PATISSERIE and got to wondering about the man behind the food.  What food makes him happy, what does he eat at home, how does he start his day…here are some answers:

# 1  Favourite Peche pastry to make and/or eat?  Lemon or blueberry bichons, which are made of puff pastry and include a lemon or blueberry cream filling.

#2  Most pleasant food memory from childhood?  Curried tripe!

#3  Favourite local fruit?  Mammy apple (mamisporte) from my cousin’s estate.

#4  Typical breakfast for you?  Pan-fried fish roe.  I get my fish in the Central Market or from a guy in Chaguanas.  I filet the fish, remove the eggs and sauté them in a Chardonnay garlic butter.

#5  White or red wine?  I like sweet wines like Sauterenese, Rieslings and Canadian Ice Wines.

#6  Favourite local vegetable to cook?  It’s Cassava!  I boil it, pan fried it and then boil it again in cream and add saltfish.  (It’s actually on the menu at Peche as Cassava Saltfish.)

#7  Favourite street food?  I don’t eat much street food, but I like to get doubles on Endeavor Main Road in Chaguanas.

#8  Best tip for home bakers?  Measure your ingredients using a kitchen scale! 

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7 thoughts on “8 Questions for Chef Khalil Ali of PECHE PATISSERIE

  1. Hi guys,
    Well I absolutely LOVE Peche. It’s less than 10 mins away from work and many times on a random walk to find breakfast or a light snack, my feet takes me straight to them.
    However, I recently found that the service is on a terrible decline. Remember when the two guys with the Indian accents used to be there? The service was great then but now I’m seeing a lot of “new” servers who, quite frankly, don’t what the hell they’re doing. Unenthusiastic, slow, unfriendly, and utterly disorganized.

    This weekend, I took my mother there for the first time, hoping that she’d fall in love with the place, but unfortunately, our reservation was double-booked and another company was ushered to the table which we were told would be ours. (This is after waiting 10 mins to be seated for our 10:30am reservation.) We eventually got our table, but the unfortunate customers who didn’t had to mill around quite uncomfortably in the tiny area for more than 20 minutes before they could be seated.

    I also noticed a lot of distasteful things on that same visit; customers behind me were asked to leave (even though a child was still finishing his meal) to accommodate waiting customers, the disorganized sheet on which reservations were being scribbled (no wonder!), attempts to place sweet pastries in the same bag with savoury/smoked salmon rolls, long waits at the register, and the list could go on.

    I’m a regular at Peche and I constantly return there only for the food, definitely NOT the recent service.


  2. Had breakfast there on April 12th 2013 (yesterday)……The service was great but I imagine i received such hands on service because there were only two diners in the restaurant, including myself. I had the egg custard with tomatoes, bacon and french toast….It lived up to my expectations of what a typical scrambled egg, bacon and french toast should be, but with chef Ali’s taste of what a his normal breakfast is, I thought it should be a better experience re taste…..I guess i have to visit a weekend and then make a conclusion overall.


  3. I’ve always seen the sign when I drive up Picton St., but it never seems as if anyone is there (entering and/or exiting the store). What are the hours of operation please?


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