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Delightful DIM SUM at TIKI VILLAGE (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

Tiki Village Trinidad

Tiki Village (Trinidad)

Dim sum anyone?

Located on the eighth floor of the Kapok Hotel, this restaurant offers up dim sum delights among the tree tops.  TIKI VILLAGE delivers one of Port of Spain’s most impressive views and an ambiance that just won’t quit — soaring ceilings and teak-lined walls adorned with gorgeous copper murals.

The restaurant’s dim sum menu is well-curated, divided into steamed, deep-fried and pan fried items; noodles; soups; pows and “other;” and a “sweet” category with two items – Coconut Fritters and Chinese Tea.  Link to dim sum menu and our dim sum pictures.

On our last visit, we ordered the Pan Fried Shrimp Dumplings topped off with crunchy sesame seeds and Pan Fried Pows.  These pows were new to us but absolutely awesome as each pow’s inside maintained its usual soft airy quality even as the exterior was perfectly crispy.

The oft-ordered Spring Rolls also made an appearance.  Other than the fact that the rolls were a little greasy, they were as tasty as always.  The Pork & Patchoi Potstickers also were warmly received by everyone at the table.

But, our TIKI VILLAGE dim sum heroes hailed from the menu’s steamed section — a pretty in pink Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) and the delicate Vegetarian Gow (stuffed with black mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, ginger and garlic).  Thanks to being steamed rather than deep or pan fried, the ingredients enclosed in these darlings truly shined allowing us to taste nearly every ingredient.

Dim Sum Hours – Sundays: 12pm – 2:30pm

Features/Good to Know – Full service; Full Bar; RESERVATIONS are encouraged for dim sum Sundays; Ample parking in Kapok’s parking lot.

Address/Phone – #16-18 Cotton Hill, 8th Floor at the Kapok Hotel, Port of Spain, Trinidad; (868) 622-5282

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