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T&T Food Blogger Meetup @ BUZO OSTERIA ITALIANA!

Our blogger meet-up at BUZO OSTERIA ITALIANA ticked all the boxes for a fantastic lime – great food, wine and a little bubbly (always appreciated), and tons of chat.

This meet-up saw another blogger added to the bunch, ChutneyGarden helmed by local writer and fellow food lover Sharon Millar.  And of course, TriniGourmet’s Sarina, Q of Bring It to the Table and the lively lady who launched these foodie meet-ups, Corey from LearningPatience, were present.

Lunch started with introductions and greetings from Buzo’s Executive Chef Christian Grini and then it was time to eat!  Wasting no time, we pounced on the Focaccia al Rosmarino nestled in clay pots.  Buzo’s Focaccia al Rosmarino is a tasty lighter stand-in for the standard bread basket fare.

Buzo Trinidad Ciclista

Focaccia al Rosmarino at Buzo Osteria Italiana (Trinidad)

First up was the Polenta Fritta con Fonduta al Quattro Formaggi.  Rarely seen on Trinidad restaurant menus, polenta is a culinary rock star in our book. (We most recently described polenta to someone as cou cou’s creamy lighter cousin.)  Buzo’s ode to polenta was lightly fried and served with a creamy four cheese sauce.  One bite and the crispy outer layer yielded to soft polenta, and we were in love.

Buzo Trinidad Polenta

Polenta Fritta con Fonduta at Buzo Osteria Italiana (Trinidad)

All manner of standout pizzas (Focaccine Farcite) came next – Zucchini & Goat Cheese; Prosciutto Crudo; Sausage & Artichokes; and our personal favourite, which also is Buzo’s signature pizza – Arugula, Mushrooms & Truffle Oil.

Buzo Trinidad Pizza

Focaccine Farcite at Buzo Osteria Italiana (Trinidad)

Our chance to be healthy came courtesy of the colourful Fragole Strawberry Salad, a palate cleansing intermission from the richer dishes we had tasted.

Buzo Trinidad Salad

Fragole Strawberry Salad at Buzo Osteria Italiana (Trinidad)

With its fun presentation, the next dish made such an impression that we all immediately grabbed our cameras.  Paper bags of Fritto Misto – fried calamari and shrimp – paired with jars of creamy risotto had made their entrance.  A chorus of oohs and ahs rose around the table as the bags were opened and the contents consumed.  This is a dish that we hope to see on Buzo’s menu.

Buzo Trinidad Calamari

Fritto Misto at Buzo Osteria Italiana (Trinidad)

Most of us finished up with a Tiramisu, always a crowd pleaser.  We’ve enjoyed Buzo’s Tiramisu many times and today was no exception.  The Tiramisu here is sublime and served at the perfect temperature (hate it when it’s too cold or way past room temperature).

Buzo Trinidad Tiramisu

Tiramisu at Buzo Osteria Italina (Trinidad)

A huge thanks to Chef Grini and his staff for hosting us and feeding us so well; and a special shout-out to Corey for sharing her photos!

4 thoughts on “T&T Food Blogger Meetup @ BUZO OSTERIA ITALIANA!

    • Hi CJ, we should have clarified that some items on our special tasting menu are not available on Buzo’s menu.

      The Focaccine Farcite are smaller than Buzo’s standard pizzas and were done specially for this lunch, but the pizza menu has the same larger “pizzas.”

      The Polenta Fritta is an item that may be added to the menu in the near future.


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