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5 Spots in T&T for Ice Cream

Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream Trinidad

Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream – Trinidad

Where do you go for great ice cream in Trinidad & Tobago?

We like the old-time ice cream carts like B&M, Mama’s and Willie’s and the roadside ice cream shops like Ms. Naomi’s in Toco, but sometimes we crave the cold stuff in an indoor environment where we can sit down and enjoy it.

Here are five places that we love to stop in or just linger after a great meal for their housemade ice cream:

DREAMY CREAMY ICE CREAM CO. (Debe & San Fernando, Trinidad) –  Ice-cream obsessed? Get your fix from nearly 30 Dreamy Creamy flavours in wafflecones, milkshakes and sundaes.  Flavours are all over the map with seasonal greats like Ponche de Creme along with tropical and signature favourites such as the Coconut Sorrel Swirl and Manzanilla Madness ice creams respectively. Frozen yogurt is also available including Ginger Coconut and Strawberry yogurts.  Dreamy Creamy is also sold at UpMarket or can be ordered via Whooosh Home Delivery Service (link to menu picture with Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream).

ZAZOU BISTRO MODERNE (Maraval, Trinidad) – This restaurant has more than 15 housemade ice creams and sorbets including locally inspired flavors like portugal, sorrel and passion fruit sorbets and tamarind, rum & coconut and tonka bean ice creams. (Link to recent ice cream & sorbet menu).

SHORE THINGS CAFE & CRAFT (Lambeau, Tobago) – Delicious tropical-inspired ice creams (and sorbets) are the focus here with everything from Pumpkin-Coconut to Passion Mango and the best part is that you can enjoy your ice cream against a backdrop of chirping birds and the sounds of the ocean.

KARIWAK VILLAGE RESTAURANT (Crown Point, Tobago) – Kariwak’s ice cream and sorbets are a perfect way to wrap up a lunch or dinner.  The housemade ice cream menu is sure to please with choices like an intense Coffee Ice Cream or the palate-cleansing Pineapple Sorbet.

CIAO CAFE (Scarborough, Tobago) – Although Ciao actually makes gelato, this list wouldn’t be complete without them and Ciao’s authentic housemade gelato is a if you’re in Tobago. Customers can choose from cream-based or fruit flavours like a intensely fruity Strawberry or Blueberry (our personal favourite), decadent Tiramisu, slighty boozy Wine & Raisin (Malaga) or the fun Smurf gelato.

What’s your favorite spot for homemade ice cream in Trinidad & Tobago? Tell us in the comments!

9 thoughts on “5 Spots in T&T for Ice Cream

  1. Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream varied local flavours are pretty good but the service leaves a lot to be desired. I really do wish that Trinis can focus on the other important element of the food industry…Customer Service!


  2. As a visitor to T&T – have had DreamyCreamy Manzanilla Madness – Divine!!! Love it. I believe there was a prune icecream as well!


  3. Just by the way, the ice cream available at Shore Things Cafe & Craft is actually J’n’J Homemade Ice Cream, Tobago’s most popular ice cream which is now available in major supermarkets in Trinidad.


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