Best Doubles in Trinidad & Tobago?

Best Doubles in Trinidad

We’re working on a Doubles’ Diary post and want you to help us finalize our top 10 list of doubles’ vendors that we must try.  Tell us in the comments who has the best doubles and who to add and/or remove from this list (doubles picture album is here):

Mohammed’s Doubles at O’Meara Road junction (love that the ladies are making the bara on the spot!)

– UWI Doubles ?

– Chatter Box Doubles on Chacon Street in Port of Spain

– George’s X Doubles at Carlos and Roberts Streets in Woodbrook

– Doubles on Calcutta St. (between Dehli & Patna) in St. James

– Darren’s Doubles on Rookery Nook in Maraval

– Doubles in Debe – Who should we try in Debe?

– Doubles on Penitence Street between High and St. James Streets in San Fernando

– Ali’s Doubles on the Hill on Vistabella Road in San Fernando

– Sauce Doubles on the main road in Curepe

– Fatboy on the main road in Curepe

Any doubles recommendations for Diego Martin/Petit Valley; Chaguanas/Central; or Tobago?

Also, let us know if you tried the newest twist on doubles — CHINESE DOUBLES (Choubles).  You can find the Choubles man in Woodbrook on the corner of Ariapita Avenue and Petra on Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 6pm.

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94 thoughts on “Best Doubles in Trinidad & Tobago?


  2. This man doubles even better than Sauce curepe and Persad’s princes town doubles – sweet hand for days…red shed, Linsencing Office San Fernando!

  3. Silver van just off chase village flyover opposite globecity. Made on the spot, really good roast pepper and coconut chutney goes well with this already tasty doubles.

  4. have any one of guys tried Brandons hot an tasty doubles in front the Arima market he is the best in Arima .

  5. Tony’s Doubles at the bottom of the Lady Young Road, Morvant. They’re never there on Mondays and pick and choose what days they’ll be present from Tuesday- Friday.

  6. Wel juz needed 2 let u all kno dat u NEED 2 taste FATBOY doubles in ST. JAMES juz opposite SMOKEY N BUNTY cyah miss it den tell me bout it after

  7. i used to eat doubles all over not anymore the best doubles i ever had and still realy do enjoy is “rakesh doubles” you can find him and his wife on saturdays and sundays at ORANGE VALLEY FISH MARKET cafeteria B from about 4 or 5 am its not a fix time .He does have doubles, aloo pies, cheese pies and fish pies! his sauses
    : sweet sause (only if you ask for it then you will get it)” not everybody likes something sweet in their doubles” he says chadon beni ,coconut chutney ,cucumber chutney,kuchela not sure if i spelt it right,a mild pepper and a very hott pepper for lovers of hot flavour. the bara nice and golden brown channa is just right all the time! taste the bara and channa alone and you will enjoy it then taste it with everything slight man its to die for

  8. WOW!! I had this idea years now….told my BFF about it the other day….ain’t a doubles person that I pass straight must sample all…..How about sending someone out to sample all the doubles in T&T…let them take pics…blog or facebook…like a road trip….Doubles on D Road (ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!!!!)

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  10. j&k shrimp doubles by kings whalf san fernando
    one of the best
    ask for slight pepper must try
    must try

  11. The Doubles stand opposite Medford Unipet gas station in Chaguanas is run by a family and they’re from the area so there’s fresh channa and bara delivered every few hours. Their doubles are the second best I’ve ever had. First place goes to the bearded doubles man who sells in the Queen’s Park Savannah on most friday and saturday nights.

    • boss ,. with no disrespect , it have doubles and it have doubles , $ 4:00 , $ 3:50 , $3:00 and it even have $ 2:00 and $ 1:00 or dollar doubles , man / woman / child eating doubles , in saying that , ” we the people ,” eating doubles , evn when the spoon fall ‘ and just pick up and turn the channa and we saying ” one with medium pepper ” # 1 on the best doubles list – paltoo – Penal , fresh and always hott , next in line could be khans in pos , on the promanade , followed by the alyays best on the spot in reform black van ppl any how i know many would disagreee and some might not agree , bless and give me a napkin in the bago to go ,,,

    • I agree with you Maria, I have had the doubles a few years ago by the gas station in valsayn and I must say that Medford doubles is the best. But you have to get the right brother there, as they share the location but have different cooks.

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  13. hey have you tried the young fella and his wife next to n.i.b. in st. james they are the best in st james main road.The softest bara the tastiest dressings the doubles just melts in your mouth you should try them in the morning period. The doubles man name is Pooran’s doubles.

  14. Just found out that the lady on Evans Street in Curepe is Mala…..she only comes out on a sunday morning on at the Evans street location…she gave me the best mango chutney with my doubles this morning and it’s hot off the press……She is on Busche Street by Maharaj’s Grocery in the evenings on a weekday………

  15. You should try the doubles on the corner of Cipriani Boulevard and Tragarete Road. But there are a few vendors that sell there. I am referring to the one who sells Sun-Wed in the afternoon/evening (3:30pm-ish – 6:30pm-ish).

    • There are a couple vendors on that list that are not my taste, UWI doubles and George X for example.

      The doubles outside Long Circular Mall is no longer available outside Long Circular Mall. They’ve relocated to somewhere else nearby in St James. I don’t remember the name of the street. Same doubles is available from Maraval Road, definitely top 10.

  16. Mamoo’s doubles opposite Center of Excellence Macoya. Boy I have eaten doubles from Mayaro to Cedros and these guys are by farthe BEST I have ever tasted. Do ask for the coconut chutney as well as the cucumber chutney.I would pay extre for this doubles, but I hope his price remains the same. I dare anyone to taste this one and say that they have had a better doubles after!!!!

  17. You need to remove UWI doubles it not even worth being on that list,did you taste any Doubles from the list? Try Doubles from Sabrina On Maraj St Pasea Tunapuna

  18. The guys opposite Medford gas station in Chaguanas, but go in the evening, the ppl there during the day aren’t the same….

  19. If this is about ah bess doubles, then it has to be:

    Tong: George X in the parking lot on Carlos- get there in the morning before de channa done
    Central: By Medford gas station is a top doubles and pies place, but if you get there before 8am, then the barra is so new that the edges are still crispy, then yuh good!
    Curepe: Sauce Doubles, obviously- mind the codewords – ‘now-now’, ‘house and land’, etc
    South: the Debe stretch has the one spot that stands out above the others, but I now forget the name- the channa is always perfectly soft, so there is always a line up….but they serve all day, and into the evening, so if you don’t have any other reason to visit Debe- there’s one now.

  20. If you all in Grande or passing through here’s my choice:

    1. Ravi’s Doubles on Barker Ext Rd i.e. when you bypass Grande using Paul St.
    ==Open Google Earth and type in these coordinates:) Lat 10°34’14.01″N ;Lon 61° 7’55.72″W . They are usually open on mornings they sell out about 9.
    2. Raffina’s doubles also on mornings ( there is another Raffina – but they open only on evenings) at the corner of eastern main road and the market, kinda obliquely opposite Royal Castle. Love the fresh bandania…(shadow beni)
    3. Evening doubles -get them at Datoo’s located just west of the roundabout under Eastern Pharmacy.

    and seriously.. UWI Doubles???? aww come on man.. no way.

  21. Chaguanas: Bara Boys opposite Medford Gas Station.

    Diego Martin: Starlight Shopping Plaza. lady by Hilo carpark.

  22. For sure: siparia doubles, outside diptee’s hardware during the week, infront rbtt/cathy’s photostudio on sunday. worth the trip. best of all is $3!!!! eat ur belly full!

  23. Love to see that our famous Sleepy’s getting major props on TriniChow!
    Ask them how the name Sleepy originated next time you visit!

  24. The following is a list of my favourite doubles vendors in Trinidad:

    1. Sleepy & Son in St. Helena is very good and Sleepy he has been there so long, he’s almost an historical institution (Great channa and his pepper sauce is good as well);
    2. There’s this guy who sells doubles in Bamboo. He’s located on the right if you’re heading south after exiting Grand Bazaar (His channa and bara are terrific, his pepper sauce is to die for, but be warned: NO SWEET SAUCE!);
    3. Chris Doubles on Richmond Street is one of only two places in the City Central that I frequent and his doubles are awesome;
    4. Redo Doubles on lower Richmond Street is also quite good. They’re located in a garage next to Eddie’s at the corner of Queen Street. (Speedy service is a huge plus. Don’t be put off by long lines);
    5. In Chaguanas, my hands-down favourite is the lady who sells doubles behind Price Plaza (near the WASA service) on mornings from under a green umbrella (Best cucumber, best channa, best everything) She sells out very quickly. She also has the closest thing to drive through double that I know;
    6. My second favourite in Chaguanas is the lady who sells doubles on the Montrose junction from inside the gas station’s compound opposite KFC. Try her roast pepper, sweet sauce, coconut chutney, cucumber, chadon beni, etc.;
    7. Finally, two honourable mentions: Central Doubles off the Chase Village Flyover just west of the hardware and the guy opposite Medford gas station.

    What can I say… I love doubles…

  25. I know some of these were posted already. I am just reinforcing what they said:

    1. Sleepy in St. Helena (Awesome Channa);
    2. I not sure the Guy’s name, but he is located on the right if you are headed south from Grand Bazaar after the roundabout. He is there on Saturday mornings (No sweet sauce though);
    3. Chris Doubles located outside Audi on Richmond Street;
    4. Redo Doubles located on lower Richmond Street next to Eddie’s;
    5. The doubles man across from the Medford Gas Station in Chaguanas has a wicked coconut chutney you MUST try;
    6. There is a lady located on the compound of the Montrose Gas Station opposite KFC that has some of the best dressings I have ever tasted! Roast pepper, cucumber, pepper sauce, sweet chutney, chadon beni… so so good;
    7. Finally, there is a concrete hut located on the Chase Village flyover but I haven’t seen them open in a while.

  26. UWI Doubles definitely out……..I had gravel in my channa and when I returned it the woman replied if i want another one…….woman why would i ever want another UWI doubles from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….plus their service stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……However In the lot behind there is Frank’s Doubles…….That is the best in Curepe for me……..

  27. Opposite Medford Gas Station in Chaguanas , wazzi in mayaro ( opp the market), Princess Town . Never met anyone who said Uwi Doubles was good other than people from North

  28. uwi doubles should definitely be taken out! sauce under the green shed and suace under the red shed by the maxi stand in curepe are in my top 5, i also really like doubles factory in aranguez extension mainly because its being made in front of you, its actually located in the ppl back yard and theres seats and moms as she’s commonly known as is very nice. Debe and the 2 dollars place top off my list.

  29. I would take out UWI doubles and Debe doubles from the list (but go try them and see for yourself).

    When you go to Penal and try the $2 doubles place, go across the road by the road and try the popular doubles man there as well. His is supposed to be really good.

    As you head further south toward Siparia from Penal, there is a doubles man right before the “Y” junction to go San Francique. He is on the left hand side by a shop. His is good.

    Also, I believe his relative sells in La Romain by the old cinema. His also is good (possibly same recipe), but it has been hit and miss a few times I went lately.

    There is a good doubles man on the North side of the Highway just off the turn off by Aranguez.

    The doubles man outside the bp building on Victoria Ave is pretty good. He is usually there from 6-8am.

    There is a lady running a small operation on Evans Street, Curepe. As you drive on Evans Street from UWI doubles toward the T&TEC sub station, you would see a small yellow parlor on the left hand side of the road. She is open on weekends only in the morning, and sells roti as well. The reason I enjoy this doubles is that the bara is fried in small batches, so that you always get fresh homemade tasting bara. Her doubles is honestly one of the best I have had and I would definitely recommend her as a must try (although I suspect if she becomes more popular and has to mass produce it will lose that nice fresh homemade taste😦 )

    I usually judge a good doubles man by the line. If the line is long, then I’ll join it!

    • I thought I was the only one who discovered the lady on Evans Street Curepe…but the secret is out…..her doubles are really tasty and though I go there when Frank’s Doubles (Behind UWI #$%!!!!!! Doubles….And Why Trini Chow still asking about them????) line is long, I give her my patronage if I see her before I reach Frank

    • I wouldn’t judge a good doubles by its line because it don’t necessary be good but because some people just accustomed buying from their doubles man for a long period of time.

  30. I would take out the O’Meara and UWi doubles man………..but anyway my top five, in no particular order: Rocky’s doubles in Bamboo (he have a roast pepper for the doubles!!! best!!!), Sham Doubles in St Helena plenty better than Sleepy (but he too expensive for a doubles man!!!), the boys on Richmond Street who sell next to Eddie’s, Frank’s Doubles in the lot on the same corner by uwi doubles, and the people opposite Medford’s gas station

    And Debe have a $2.00 doubles place near one of the Paltoo fellas by the gas station …..they have Bhaigani, Aloo Pie, Doubles and Saheena. everything for two dollars with channa

    • Hey Tamara,
      Now seeing this, haven’t checked the post in a while…. Sham is actually Sleepy’s brother.
      There are a few of them in that family in the area that sells doubles (eg another brother right after Joe Singh’s factory)… there is some similarity among the taste for them… but $4.75 for a doubles at Sham’s is just a weird price.

      • yes….i startting to believe that the whole family is into the business. there’s another brother who sells in the airport and the cousins who sell at varying points from st helena to kelly. and yes, i agree that Sham’s price is weird (as well as a bit costly for a doubles, especially since the no vat clause passed), but i’m not much a fan of doubles with curry in it, so prefer Sham to Sleepy….

  31. hey all well and good but man , i does eat doubles all over T&T , BECAUSE MY WORK has this advantage and belive me it have some top doubles you missed and did not list , for me the – top 3 will be in any order 1. PALTOO’S penal side
    2. Khans’ s right in pos on the brian lara prom.
    AND this is not because of any specific thing besides of the – bara , various sauces and the general texture of channa etc , if you dont belive me ask the hundreds of ppl who enjoy these doubles daily because , – run late and for some reason they does sell out in 2-3 hrs ,, every day and every day , check that as the main score it should be judged by the – sell out appeal ,

  32. Best Doubles I ever ate, guys opposite Medford Gas Station in Chaguanas.
    They have all the sauces: sweet, tambrind, pepper and cucumber, the bara is tender and tasty, channa is just the right consistency and delicious, these doubles are ALWAYS piping hot! Its a must try.
    In Tobago, there is an indian couple that sells in the market carpark in Scarborough, they are really good, better that lots of them in Trinidad.

  33. I am rather partial to Sleepy and Son located in St Helena Village, Piarco.
    They are located close to the gas station next to the little fruit stall.
    I drive all the way from Santa Cruz on Sundays just to get some and take little containers to pack for the week!

          • Hi,
            Yes, they are there on Saturdays… but sometimes can sell out by 9:30… I can’t tell you how many times I woke up on the weekend, left Santa Cruz drove up there to find out the doubles done.
            Despite the name… they are there early from about 5:30
            I have a number to call them and check if they are still selling.
            Let me know and I will message it to you

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