12 Hours in Tobago: Good Eats & Great Sights

Tobago Culinary Tour

Think you’ve done Tobago?  Try our very ambitious food-focused itinerary for a slice of Tobago’s rich food culture!

7:30 am: Breakfast at Tobago’s House of Pancakes (Crown Point) Kick off your day with a breakfast made with love by Kathy, House of Pancakes’ chef/owner.  Our standard order here is the pineapple pancakes topped with shredded coconut, scrambled eggs and bacon. Go early to beat the crowds and wait (opens at 7:30am).  (868) 639-9866

8:30 am: Snacks at A.N.R. Robinson International Airport (Crown Point) – The airport is the ideal place to stock up on Nut Cake, Jub Jub, Tamarind Balls, Sugar Balls and other popular local snacks.  Buy some for today’s tour and stash a few in your luggage as sweet souvenirs. We’re partial to the Bene Balls, a combination of molasses and sesame seeds fashioned into a jawbreaker-like ball.

9:00 am: Tour theTobago Trust-Tobago Museum” (Scarborough) – Often overlooked for Fort George’s gorgeous views, this gem of a museum is packed with important culinary artifacts of Tobago.  We love the old-time swizzle sticks, molasses jars, and the mortar and pestle, a hallowed kitchen instrument worldwide. (Museum hours are 9am to 4:30pm, Monday-Friday.) 

11:00 am: ‘Love Up’ the Bean at the Tobago Cocoa Estate (Roxborough) – Three things to do during your estate tour – snap pictures of the cocoa and the panoramic valley to sea views, taste cocoa straight from the pod, and of course buy some chocolate bars.  Don’t forget to sample the herb-flecked cassava bread, baked on banana leaves in the estate’s mud oven!  (Tours are on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 11am. Weekend only by reservation.  Send an email or call (868) 383-5519 to confirm.)

12:30 pm:  Take a Quick Swim at Argyle Waterfalls (Roxborough) – Located about three minutes from the Cocoa Estate by car, Argyle is Tobago’s highest waterfall and quite possibly the most scenic.  Quickly hike through the bamboo forest to the waterfalls’ base and dive into the freshwater pool for a swim.  (See how many cocoa trees you can spot on your hike to the falls and  don’t forget to use an official tour guide.)

1:30 pm:  Lunch at King’s Bay Café (Delaford/Kings Bay) – The cafe’s old sign “Grill Food CAFE Nice View,” was a bit of an understatement as this relaxed café offers a stunning postcard view of King’s Bay.  Expect a menu of simple but good food prepared by the restaurant’s owners – lovely grilled fish (the catch of the day), housemade burgers on fresh buns, hot dogs (beef and vegetarian!), baked potatoes, coleslaw and brownies. (868) 771-2716.

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm:  BEACH TIME !!!

4:30 pm: Ice Cream by the sea at Shore Things Café & Craft (Lambeau) – Cool down with Shore Things’ delightful ice cream (and sorbets) inspired by tropical fruits like soursop, passion fruit and mango and other local favourites including Coconut and Rum Raisin.  All the frozen treats here are made in house and you can enjoy them against the backdrop of chirping birds and the Atlantic Ocean. (868) 635-1072.

7:30 pm:  Dinner at The Fish Pot (Pleasant Prospect) – Head over to The Fish Pot for some of Tobago’s freshest fish and seafood.  We love the Wahoo with Garlic Sauce with its tasty sides (we’re partial to the pan fried potatoes) or any of the daily fish options.  (868)635-1728.

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Also, join us on for all the news on T&T’s restaurants, local food artisans, dining specials/deals and food & wine events!

2 thoughts on “12 Hours in Tobago: Good Eats & Great Sights

  1. King`s Bay Cafe is definately a must do . Extremely good , freshly cooked food. Just like good old home cooked delights . The owners / cook become like family .
    Lovely food , great company , wonderful ambiance , fantastic view and breeze .


  2. I absolutely love this post! I plan to take a weekend trip to visit a friend and this seems like the perfect itinerary for one of our days together. Thanks!


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