Top 5 for ROTI: Your Picks for Trinidad’s Best ROTI!

ROTI Menu Trinidad

Roti Menu (Trinidad)

Picks for the best roti in the West & Port of Spain area, the East-West corridor and South Trinidad (the list is based on YOUR comments on the TriniChow Facebook page and the website):

Best Roti in South (alphabetical order)

Best Roti in the West and Port of Spain Area (alphabetical order)

  • Don’s Roti Shop (Petit Valley)
  • Dopson’s Roti Shop (Newtown, Port of Spain )
  • Hott Shoppe (St. James) or Patraj Roti Shop (Port of Spain)
  • Shiann’s Food Palace (Woodbrook)
  • Upstairs Towncenter Mall on Frederick Street (Port of Spain)

Best Roti in East-West Corridor/Chaguanas (alphabetical order)

  • Highway Roti Shoppe (Freeport)
  • Hot Roti on Lyndon Street (Curepe)
  • Lovey’s (Tunapuna)
  • Pamela’s Roti (Chaguanas)
  • Sylvie’s Roti Shop, Back Chain Street (San Juan)
  • Wings Roti Shop (Tunapuna)

Tell us in the comments below what roti shop should be #1, 2, 3, etc. and  what places should be added to or removed from the list!  Also, click here for more feedback on this list.

57 thoughts on “Top 5 for ROTI: Your Picks for Trinidad’s Best ROTI!

  1. Heard so much about Jap’s roti in Londonville. Eventually tried it today. Long queue for roti so thought it must be as good as they say. The roti was big. this is not a high priority for me. Roti skin was okay as was the curried chicken…but the (medium) pepper ruined the roti for me. Pepper sauce was acidic and bitter without being tasty.Mona’s roti in Marabella remains the best and my benchmark for judging other rotis.Place was a bit dingy looking and could also do with a facelift to better reflect sanitation. I doubt I will return in a hurry for a next Jap’s roti..unless…
    I continue to look for a good roti in central/chaguanas.


  2. Sheila’s Rotie shop on Pasea Main Road Tunapuna.
    get there by 1130 to avoid the crowd. Can be ranked as one of the best in
    the east


  3. if you never had a roti from a small roti shop called susan’s roti shop in edinburgh thats going down to chase village opp fens then you ent taste a good roti yet i
    tasted roti all over but that was d best everything eat real good i had conch man d roti so big it had to eat d same roti twice i only thing we had to wait about 20mins but sooo worth wait d place was full of customers waiting i mean everything was already sold out by 11:30am it wasn’t even lunch time yet and lunch sell out it was great anybody else ever had there roti?


      • I agree that Susan’s is one of the best Roti around, my colleagues and I leave Port of Spain to pick up Roti by Susan at least once a week and our office is located walking distance from both Shianne’s and Dopsons’s Roti Shop. After Susan, my nest pick would be Japs In Longdenville, Chaguanas.


  4. Um what about Charlie’s in Tunapuna. It is soo much better than that poor quality roti at Lovey’s now not to mention by half 1 most of the roti is sold out.


  5. Mr. Ali
    San Juan
    Nothing could beat Jumans roti shop:
    3. Oh God the roti skin does not have dhalless thick ends.
    4. silky and soft.


  6. Jumans roti shop in Curepe should be one on the list. Everything thing is hot, fresh and very tasty. Amazingly delicious.You should take so time and go to Curepe to try Mr Jumans roti. I live in Canada and it’s a must have when i’m there. I Guarantee there will be no regrets.


  7. Believe it or not, Tri Star restaurant at the airport in Tobago on Wednesday has some of the BESSS curry and roti I ever had…and I’m from south! We even flew over there just for lunch on Wednesday before!!!


  8. PLEASE remove Wings Roti shop from the East, the food is not consistent, the meats are sometimes “reheated” from the day before. Juman’s Roti Shop on Jackson Street, Curepe should definitely be added. East/West corridor and Chaguanas should be two separate categories, and not lumped together like that.


  9. D Bess Roti on Mucurapo Road, bessss, not too much peas in the dalphuri and the bagi was really soft and tasty. Had half on Friday and the next half tasted just as good on Saturday. Definitely going back there.


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    • Then you need to try Richard’s in 2001 Plaza Chaguanas and Sunil’s in La Romaine, the building after Sarge’s grocery at the corner of Pond Street and Southern main Road in La Romaine… …………..from a
      Roti freak


  11. Does any in the East-West area have more veggie variety than just the same potato channa you could get at any roti shop?


  12. Sylvie’s to me is one of the best roti shops around but because their between Ali’s an Patraj they always get outshine, thanks for mentioning them!


  13. So hows about in South
    -Ali’s on Hubert Rance Street? Been there forever and always have a crowd
    -Amin’s on Cipero Street, they have variety…but go for roti around 10 a.m. (5 mins later and the place have more people than RBL on month end)
    R AND R in chagaunas cud take a mention…..and i agree with Hot Roti (Roti Hut) on corner of Evans and Lyndon Street – Curepe


      • Just an update; Hot Roti (Roti Hutt) does not exist anymore on the corner of Lyndon and Evans street. If he has moved, there was no signage to help to the new location. The only spot to recommend in Curepe now is Juman’s Roti – 645-5104 (order b4 u go…real line) on Jackson street (close to Rapsey st. end). Best of luck in the hunt for the ultimate roti guys !


  14. You might want to try the roti from Earth Restaurant (next to Marios on Ciprani Blvd) on a Wednesday. It was excellent and impressive for a north roti. The dhalprui was silky and tasty.


  15. Don’t laugh at my directions, but there’s a lil red shop opposite the triangle church just before the iron bridge when heading from Piarco to St. Helena run by a lady and her husband. The roti is made when you order it so it’s guaranteed hot and fresh. Yummiest roti I have had in a long while. Best part is, it’s a nomal sized roti but not heavy heavy, so no itis after!


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