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8 Best in Sando: BBQ, Roast Pork, Pizza, Roti, Black Pudding, Indian Food, Dessert & Ice Cream

Eight best in San Fernando, Trinidad (courtesy of a reader):

Best BBQ: D’ ORIGINAL BBQ HUT, Union Hall/Retrench, under the big tent.

Best Authentic Indian: PALKI RESTAURANT, #27 Todd Street. (868) 652-1239

Best Black Pudding: D’ MAN IN D’VAN by Palmiste Park, comes out on Thursday evenings around 6pm OR Charlie’s Pudding on Ruth Avenue

Best Ice CreamDREAMY CREAMY ICE CREAM, #143 A Coffee Street. (868) 398-8946.

Best Roti/Curry: S&D ROTI Shop on Todd Street, Les Efforts East.

Best Roast Pork: KEPS in Craignish Village, Princes Town.

+ Best PIZZA: (we added this one) – BACCO PIZZERIA ITALIANA#183 S.S. Erin Road in Duncan Village. (868) 743-4612.

+ Best Desserts: (we added this one) – BUMBLEBERRY CAKES & DESSERTS, # 12 SS Erin Road in Duncan Village. (868) 223-6446 or (868) 759-0521.

We plan to try all these spots (we’ve visited Bacco, Dreamy Creamy and Bumbleberry and love them).  Let us know in the comments, if there are other places we should try.

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29 thoughts on “8 Best in Sando: BBQ, Roast Pork, Pizza, Roti, Black Pudding, Indian Food, Dessert & Ice Cream

  1. you didn’t have “best Chinese”… I guess that will be a challenge like the best doubles one… I nominate Dim Sum (cause of the dim sum) in Sando but definitely Chinese Dragon in Debe (got to try the Cantonese shrimp- a battered whimp in a white sauce. So yummy).


  2. A definite visit in south should be latitude restaurant on chacon st …. Cuisine is international with a local twist and they have the best deserts which includes an out of the world chocolate creme brûlée.. They call it creme brûlée but its more pot de creme but its yumm!


  3. Roast Pork??? Try Fu Huw on St. Margarets Junction, Claxton Bay…Dey right next to KFC an have bigger crowd.
    As for Good geera chicken and spicy mexican chicken…try Damascus Grill 3rd floor RRM Plaza middle ah high street between 11 am -1 p.m. Hakka eh wah nuttin with that mexican chicken (sorry editor…buh is true!!)
    Barbecue getting big by some people in Debe about ten minutes after the doubles boulevard on the right hand side on a small hill.
    In Freeport yuh cud geh a murderous geera chicken from green doors bar on the southern main road (lower mcbean side) and opposite there on friday night have ah man who does sell only cutters. Further in couva on friday nights have some bbq people who set up ah big tent in a car park. Dem worth it as well, buh have no name for dem.


    • That Fu Huw place in St margarets definitely has the best roast pork….like it tastes roasted not soak with oil fry pork like most places….Damascus is good value for money too I agree….but Freeport flyover have the best pudding…the umbrella with the rasta man and lady….when she open the box smoke does come out…and she does sell real quick !!!!


      • hey yall , if its Black Puding , well try the truck man in hardbargain wiliamsville , really its the best for flavour and seasonings etc,,, no doubt about it , i eat pudding all in todago , grenada , guyuana , and st vincient , i even eat pudding in pos on charlotte, st ,

        for bb- q i like them muslims in debe called mohammed , clean and the chicken seasoned with lime and well cooked etc fresh and nice ,


  4. Bacco is definitely the best pizza not only in sand fernando and environs but the entire country…I suggest everyone ggo to Bacco’s…no more corporation pizza lol


  5. Could you all possibly test run some gyro men in south while you all are at it? There are so many popping up all over the place and I have no idea where to begin!


  6. I agree that the Pudding man by Palmiste is better than Charlie’s.

    S&D’s is one of the best roti’s. You might also want to try Nik Naks.

    And the proper name for the BBQ ppl is D’original BBQ Hut.

    You should also include best Corn Soup also. The best corn soup in the country is from the Cross. Just look for the Corn soup man with the long line.

    I’m pretty sure you could also find all the best doubles vendors in south.


    • Seriously Glenn?? Palmiste pudding with geera….eh eh no way man…old man Charlie’s (Black Pudding) grand daughter Carmelita in Tarouba doing a better job.

      As for S&D…the best in the country I agree

      I’ll put a plug for a home made ice cream in Mathura opposite the Police Station made by Gail…rich and thick and creamy…my favourite

      Try ah curry layer at “Lol” in lower Barrackpore…when he have it…

      How about ah geera neck from the visitors’ centre in Brasso Seco

      And finally, you gotta try my Pumpacreame…got the original recipe from a friend


  7. I see you don’t have the best soup, come and try ours in san Fernando, the soup hut, check us out on facebook, you won’t be disappointed.


  8. Hi just wanted to update- the best BBQ you listed is very right, as I go there all time (I’m a La Romaine girl), but the name of the place is actually “D’Original BBQ Hut”, not “Muslims”. And for those of us in the know, it used to be called “David’s” and was first located opposite the entry to Bel Air…that was back in the day…

    And, I would also like to add an alternative entry for Best Black Pudding- the original Charlie’s Pudding, on Prince of Wales Street, San Fernando. They were one of the first in South and the best…my great grandmother used to buy from them, that’s how longstanding they are!!


  9. i dont feel quan keeps , has any pork quality , for roast portk i would have to say sometimes the gasparillo , chinese place opposite kfc. zhong shang , but again its matter of the person


  10. The truth about it is a matter of taste , because i work in P.O.S and i go all over trinidad and tobago , and some carribean area, and the bes bbq is a muslim place in debe , and for the best black pudding , is in hard bargain williamsville on the left side by the truck man and for indian foods in south i will agree it could be palki, any how this is why i started out saying its a matter of taste and what you the person seeks , any how good to see you all include south ,, in the list ,


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