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GOLDEN BELL KOREAN RESTAURANT (Port of Spain AND Maraval, Trinidad)

Golden Bell Korean Restaurant Trinidad

Golden Bell Korean Restaurant (Trinidad)

Update March 2016 – Golden Bell has opened a second location at Royal Palm Plaza (Saddle Road) in Maraval! Hours are 11am-9pm, Monday to Sunday. (868) 235-2350. Links to menu (chicken, beef & pork; gimbap & Korean ramyun; seafood, vegetarian & sides)

We’re totally smitten with GOLDEN BELL KOREAN RESTAURANT, the charm of its throwback decor, and the food, oh the food!

Located on Maraval Road in Newtown, POS, the dinner menu features all the Korean stalwarts — Shabu-Shabu (technically a Japanese dish but popular in Korea), Jeongol (hot pot), Jjigae (Korean stew), rice and noodle dishes, and appetizers like Kimchijeon (a savoury pancake-like dish) and Papaya Salad.  All the restaurant’s tables have heating elements to make tableside Shabu-Shabu or Jeongol.

Golden Bell’s lunch lineup has a separate menu with more takeaway-friendly fare like the Mando (Korean dumplings), the Jaeuk (stir-fried pork & Korean pepper sauce), Stir Fried Tofu, and the Fried Seafood Rice.  

Our lunchtime feast included the tangy Beef Bulgogi, and the always tasty vegetable Bibimbap, and an order of the Golden Bell Boneless Chicken served over white rice.

For all those who love KFC, you must try this chicken!  Golden Bell’s version is addictive — spicy, well-seasoned chicken with a perfectly crunchy exterior.

Link to our Golden Bell Korean Restaurant pictures and menu here and here (menu pics included). 

We paired the lunch entrees with an order of Mando, dressed up with a Korean sweet pepper sauce.  Everything was washed down with Soju, a Korean rice liquor.  The best part was the bill, three people ate for under $200!  Beware though, the soju was an additional $120 (we ordered it after we had already paid for our food).

Address/Phone – # 58 Maraval Road, Newtown, Port of Spain, Trinidad; (868) 628-0214 or 478-2644

Serving/Hours – Lunch & Dinner: Monday-Saturday, 11am-10pm (last reservation is 8pm).

Features/Good to Know Full service at dinner.

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18 thoughts on “GOLDEN BELL KOREAN RESTAURANT (Port of Spain AND Maraval, Trinidad)

  1. Please update this post. Golden Bell at maraval no longer opens on sundays by reservations. I saw this post and called to make a reservation and was told they won’t open on sundays even by reservations.


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  3. I’m so looking forward to lunch there today! I lived in Korea for over to years, but finished there in Dec. The food was definitely a highlight. I tried Sonata the other day and it was good, though I found it lacked some flavour intensity and the spicy heat I’m used to with Korean food. Nice review. I can’t wait to try.


  4. Had lunch at Golden Bell Korean last Thursday…while there our car was towed away! and, even though it was our first time there, the owner, Soon, asked her husband, MinSoo, (sp?) to drive us to retrieve it, even though it was noon…prime lunch time…now, that is service above and beyond…thanks to you both for being so generous and caring…yes, and the food was beyond yummy, tasty chicken and beef ribs…we will definitely be back!


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