Breadfruit Pumpkin Soup (Recipe)

Breadfruit Soup Trinidad TriniChow

TriniChow’s Breadfruit Soup

We received our first October organic produce basket from Avondale Farms (Brasso Seco, Trinidad) on Saturday!

The basket had one ripe sweet-smelling breadfruit, a zaboca, figs, ripe pommecytheres, portugals, oranges, dried coconut, sea moss, tannia, yam, a callaloo (dasheen) bundle and herbs.  Since the breadfruit was so ripe we used it immediately.  First up was a lovely Breadfruit Pommecythere Punch, which was made from the really soft part of the breadfruit, pommecytheres and water.

But our lunchtime Breadfruit Pumpkin Soup was the real star!  We started out wanting to do an oildown and decided to use a few common oildown ingredients (breadfruit, dasheen and coconut milk) to make something different.  What emerged at the end of our oildown riff was a rich creamy breadfruit soup (recipe is below).

Breadfruit Pumpkin Soup (with a bit of dasheen)

(yield about 4 cups of soup)

1 cup chopped & peeled breadfruit
1/4 cup chopped & peeled pumpkin*
1/4 cup chopped dasheen leaves
1 carton coconut milk (200ml )
3 cups of water
1 bunch/sprig of shado beni
Salt (we used the Shado Beni Salt from Tropickle Foods)

1. Combine the chopped breadfruit, pumpkin and dasheen, along with 1/2 carton of coconut milk and two cups of water in a pot.  Cook until the breadfruit is fork tender. Let cool.

2. Remove a few pieces of the breadfruit and pumpkin to be added later to the soup as garnish (optional).

3. Add chopped shado beni, a few pinches of salt, 1 cup of water and the remaining coconut milk to the soup pot.

4. Place the entire mixture in a blender and blend everything until smooth.  Once blended the soup may have a pudding-like consistency (add more water and pulse on low to get the consistency you desire).

5. Return mixture to the pot to reheat, add the reserved breadfruit and pumpkin pieces and then eat!

* Cut the pieces of pumpkin larger than the breadfruit because the pumpkin cooks faster.

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