Bakery/Pastries / Free Wi-Fi / Woodbrook

MARIA’S BAKERY (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

Maria's Bakery Trinidad


This gorgeous cafe in Woodbrook serves breakfast and lunch daily, alongside wide range of freshly baked breads, pies, pastries and desserts.

We recently stopped by MARIA’S BAKERY for a quick breakfast and longed for more time to linger.  The cafe side of the bakery’s boasts a pretty-in-pink wall wall lined with Sarah Beckett’s art and two comfortable slipper chairs perfectly positioned for a little sun and people watching.  Side note, we’re in love with MARIA’S modern sparkly chandelier, which adds a touch of glam to the decor.

Breakfast that day was a fantastically frothy cappuccino from the coffee bar, a slice of quiche and a cranberry scone (link to all our pictures of Maria’s Bakery).  Can’t wait to return and try lunch!

Cuisine Bakery & Coffee Bar

Address/Phone – # 5 Pole Carew Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad; (868) 223-5050.

Serving/Hours – Breakfast & Lunch: Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm; Saturday: 8am-2pm. Closed Sundays.

Features/Good to Know Full service; Free WI-FI.

Facebook Page/EmailMaria’s Bakery Facebook Page;

2 thoughts on “MARIA’S BAKERY (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  1. I just had lunch at Maria’s the vegi burger in fact and it was delicious. They have addressed the staff and customer service issue, we were greated with smiles and a friendly atmosphere. The food did not take long to arrive and as i said before it was delicious, my friend had her lunch she brought from home and they even let her eat it there with me, full marks in my book.


  2. I absolutely love coffee shopsand when you add free wifi to that- I’m in! Its a cozy spot to have a cup of tea while reading a magazine or catching up with a friend.
    I wanted to love Maria’s but like a lot of places in Trinidad the downfall of Maria’s is the staff.
    A few of them looked like they wanted to be anywhere but Marias. Lazy because they blatently stared at the crumbs on the floor and didnt wven clean it up and even stand offish( a gentleman Im assuming was the manager just stood behind the counter with his face wrinkled and arms folded. I mean that’s customer service 101- folded arms in the front of house is a big no no no)
    I hope they find the right people to work there because this spot is a gem.


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