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TARYN’S, The Panyol Place (St. James, Trinidad)

Taryn's Trinidad

TARYN’S (Trinidad)

Seek out this unassuming spot on Mucurapo Road and you’ll be rewarded with authentic Venezuelan food in a homey, friendly setting.

All the tasty Venezuelan bites and dishes are on TARYN’S menu – arepas, empanadas, cachapas, pabellon criollo, and more.

Start with the hearty shrimp corn soup, which manages to be light and rich all at once.  Cheese empanadas are perfect companions for the soup and if you have space, try the cachapa with shredded pork, plantains and Venezuelan white cheese (it reminds us of feta cheese, just tangier and more solid).

Mornings at TARYN’s are all about coffee (we’re partial to the creamy cafes con leche), arepas stuffed with scrambled eggs, and fresh juice.  On our last visit, the juice menu included tamarind, portugal, guava, passion fruit and surprisingly strawberry juice (didn’t know strawberries grew in Venezuela!).

Click HERE for our TARYN’S pictures.

Cuisine Venezuelan

Address/Phone/Email – # 23 Mucurapo Road, St. James, Trinidad; (868) 622-3989;

Serving/Hours – Breakfast & Lunch: Monday – Friday, 7am-5pm; and Saturday 8am-3pm; Closed on Sundays.

Features/Good to Know Full service (counter and table service); Sells Venezuelan staples like P.A.N. White Cornmeal and also sells bags of coffee including Cafe Bustelo, Cafe Madrid, Cafanca’s Anzoátegui and Cubita.

5 thoughts on “TARYN’S, The Panyol Place (St. James, Trinidad)

  1. Went today for empanada de pabellon which has on the menu black beans cheese plantain and shredded beef .the shredded beef was the main thing for me in the pabellon but while I was eating it I discovered that they did not put in the shredded beef. I told the manager and he said well ok they forgot to put it in and I will just have to pay for the pabellon less the cost of the beef. I am very disappointed that I was still charged for something that I did not order. The manager seems to be interested in not losing any profits despite the restaurant mistake and the customer dissatisfaction.


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