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University Field Station Fresh Cow’s Milk (Trinidad)

Fresh Cows Milk Trinidad

Fresh LOCAL Cows’ Milk in Trinidad!

Fresh local cow’s milk in Trinidad from cows in Trinidad!  (Click here for our picture gallery of Trinidad & Tobago’s dairy products.)

This homogenized and pasteurized milk is an agricultural product of UWI’s University Field Station and is 100 percent fresh, so it must be refrigerated.  The milk is available in full-cream and two-percent (no skim milk).

You can purchase this milk at major supermarkets in Trinidad and at the University Field Station, which is open Monday-Friday, 7am-2pm.  (The University Field Station also sells its chicken, pork, and rabbit along with fresh vegetables harvested from the farm to the general public.)

Telephone/Address: (868) 662-2750; University Field Station, Uriah Butler Highway; Valsayn, Trinidad.

Note: Dolce Valle Dairy also produces fresh cow’s milk (and lovely Italian cheeses), which are available at New Earth Organics, Malabar Farms and Petit Gourmet.

4 thoughts on “University Field Station Fresh Cow’s Milk (Trinidad)

  1. Apparently others have discovered that the University Field station fresh cow’s milk is the best in Trinidad because it is always sold out when I try to buy it as Massy stores. I will have to pay a visit to the University Field Station itself. Looking forward to taking my granddaughter with me.


  2. I had a very recent opportunity to visit the University Field Station Center and I am very impressed at the levels of sanitation and care the animals receive. The handlers were very knowledgeable about each animal. I am truly honored that this is available here and, that I had the opportunity to prepare a cow for milking.I am purchasing my liquid milk there from that day.


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