4 Picks for Breakfast in Tobago

Check out our four must-try restaurants in Tobago for breakfast!

Breakfast is available at these places most days (including Saturdays and Sundays) and most offer a mix of international breakfast dishes and local classics like fried or roast bake, buljol and chokas.

HOUSE OF PANCAKES (Crown Point, Tobago): T-HOP as we have nicknamed it, is a breakfast institution in Tobago. You can’t go wrong with the swoon-worthy coconut pineapple pancakes and sides of scrambled eggs and bacon. Two tips – try the Morne Delice Nutmeg Syrup on your pancakes or waffles and go early to avoid the crowd (and the possible wait). Breakfast everyday 7:30am-12:30pm (closed Tuesdays). (868) 639-9866. Link to our House of Pancakes pictures.

House of Pancakes Tobago

Coconut Pineapple Pancakes, House of Pancakes (Tobago)

PEMBOIS BUFFET at MAGDALENA GRAND BEACH RESORT (Lowlands, Tobago): At $165 per person (inclusive of tax and service charge), Magdalena’s Pembois Buffet is a great choice. Pembois’ daily buffet breakfast has an omelet station and a spread of fruits, meats, cheeses, breads, pancakes and waffles, cereals, beverages, and rotating local favourites including black pudding. Ask for the local Smak Teas, our favourites are the Caribbean Chai and the Tobago Breakfast. Breakfast buffet everyday 7am-10:30am. Children 5-12 are half price and under age five are free. (868) 660-8500.  Link to Pembois pictures.

Breakfast Magdalena Grand Beach Resort Tobago

Breakfast at Magdalena Grand Beach Resort (Tobago)

KARIWAK VILLAGE RESTAURANT (Crown Point, Tobago): Start your day at Kariwak with a full-on healthy breakfast of fresh, house made yogurt, granola and breads, fruit, coffee and tea, and rotating breakfast specials like the fried flying fish, omelets, spicy smoked herring with a boiled egg, and more. Extend your relax mode with Kariwak’s Spice Tea, made from ginger, cardamom, black peppercorns and bay leaf. Breakfast every day 7:15am-10:15am. (868) 639-8442.  Link to our Kariwak breakfast pictures.

Breakfast Kariwak Village Tobago

Spicy Smoked Herring & Egg, Kariwak Village (Tobago)

ROSIE’S HOME STYLE BAKERY (Bon Accord, Tobago): Good for a quick breakfast, Rosie’s is the most wallet-friendly and casual of our Tobago breakfast picks. This bakery turned eat-in restaurant still offers everything from currant rolls to pumpkin bread alongside roast and fried bakes, buljol, sausages, saheena, and other local breakfast food. Breakfast everyday (closed Saturdays). Parking is limited. Food is pre-made and available in warmers.

Rosies Bakery Tobago

Rosie’s Bakery (Tobago)

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6 thoughts on “4 Picks for Breakfast in Tobago

  1. On your recommendation and DREADING the usual interminable wait at Ihop we tried Syps today. DIVINE! Merle’s fry bakes were the kind that you send your mother across to Tobago to learn how to make and trust me, I made her give my boyfriend step by step instructions 🙂 I don’t even know WHERE to start with the coffee. After contemplating packing my espresso maker and REFUSING to drink the swill that is Rituals, I wanted to hug Merle when, after asking for her biggest latté (and yes, the first thing I noticed were the restaurant quality coffee machines – no insta-crap served here. Yay!) I quite literally got an oversized coffee mug filled with one of the most delicious caffeine creations ever, well…created 🙂 fabulous service, fabulous food and to die for coffee. Alas, Merle advised us that she will be closing up shop within the week as she is being forced to move out and doubts whether she will open up again. What a loss for the tobagonian food scene…

    P.S. She said you’ll be very disappointed to hear this.


  2. You must eat at Golden Girls Bakery on Milford Road!!! Bake Bake/Bread and a host of accompaniments-sausages, saltfish, smoke herring etc washed down with coffee, tea, juices and other soft drinks. Real value for your money. You could dine inside or outside on the verandah.


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