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Sterling’s 6 Must Try Foods in Trinidad (and locations)

Doubles Trinidad

Doubles (Trinidad & Tobago)

From dhal in Debe to roast pork in Princess Town, here is a reader’s submission in his own words for his must-try foods in Trinidad and where to find them!  (Also, check out Sterling’s fantastic Roti Tour in South).

1.  DOUBLES on Penitence Street, San Fernando between High Street and St. James Street. Look for the crowd – best doubles ever – solid but soft channa, delicious bara, real tasty sauce, sweet or peppery. Opens at 8am, sold out by 11:30am. Closed on Wednesdays.

“Night Doubles”  in Cocoyea just opposite Keith’s Bakery. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings from about 6pm. Also, on Saturday mornings. Think of hot doubles at 6pm in Sando. The channa has a unique taste – I think this is due to the geera.

2.  DHAL – hot bowl of super delicious dhal at PARKER’S in Debe Trace, Debe. This dhal has carapule leaf and morai in it. Plus you can also get amchar in it. The consistency is just right-not thick or thin. Best picker-upper.

3.  CHICKEN ROTI – check a little hole-in-the-wall next to Dollar Beer on Pointe-a-Pierre Road, Sando. No Name – just a “HOT ROTI” sign. Roti is made as you order-straight from the tawah to you. The curry chicken is the real McCoy. Easy on the pepper, dem ladies like they use Scorpion pepper.  (Note from TriniChow Editor: A reader has commented that the name of this roti place is “R&S Roti Shop.”

4.  ROAST PORK – nothing beats this in a rumshop as cutters. It tastes different. The choice is very wide and will suit your taste. The standard is KEPS in Craignish Village, Princes Town. Real crispy skin pork.

5.  BLACK PUDDING  there’s only one pudding in Trinidad – CHARLIE’S on Ruth Avenue, Les Efforts, Sando. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Charlie’s is it! Super delicious, same great taste all the time.

6.  DUCK, DHAL & RICE – NicNads, right opposite LenHaps in Duncan Village. Last price was $22.00! Can you imagine that? And is real duck, real good taste and plenty.

BONUS ITEMS – Saheena, phoulourie, aloo pie, cachourie, doubles, amchar, baiganee – Debe is the Indian delicacy capital all day, everyday. And only $4.00 per item. This is definitely a must-try, and there are at least five stalls to choose from.

Thanks Sterling for these great suggestions!

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